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March 2018 Legal Report Resources

​Fraud. Former Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt was sentenced to the maximum prison term of seven years and fined $400,000 for his role in the car manufacturer's emissions scandal.​ 

Drug Testing. The U.S. Department of Transportation published a final rule that changes drug testing requirements and adds new substances to its drug testing panel.​ 

Data Breaches. U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) introduced a bill ​that would require companies to disclose data breaches within 30 days of becoming aware of the breach.

Botnets. Three men pleaded guilty to creating and operating two botnets used to target Internet of Things devices to conduct distributed denial-of-service attacks.​ 

Fitness for duty. A U.S. federal appellate court granted summary judgement to an employer, finding that a reasonable jury would have found its mental-health examinations of an administrator at a traffic safety office "job related and consistent with business necessity."

Data. U.S. Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) introduced a bill that would require some companies that store Americans' data to meet specific security and privacy requirements.​ 

Firearms. The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would allow people with concealed carry permits to carry firearms across state lines.

Wages. A California judge dismissed a class action lawsuit filed by female Google employees accusing the tech giant of paying women less than men.

Religious claims. A U.S. federal inmate may have stuffed animals in his prison cell because they are necessary to practice his religion, a U.S. appeals court said in a summary order.