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Who's Who in Retail Loss Prevention

Looking for information and resources on retail loss prevention strategies? Get to know these associations, councils, and organizations. 

Retail Loss Prevention Council, ASIS International

One of 34 industry- or topic-specific councils of ASIS International. It develops and provides programming and resources for loss prevention practitioners, including session recordings, webinars, magazine articles, book excerpts, newsletters, reference guides, white papers, and case studies.

Loss Prevention Foundation

Its stated mission is to "advance the retail loss prevention and asset protection profession by providing relevant, convenient, and challenging educational resources." It offers the LPQualified and LPCertified industry certifications, a career center, and a bimonthly magazine, among other benefits.

Loss Prevention Research Council

Affiliated with the University of Florida, its mission is to use an evidence-based approach to fighting retail crime. It tests loss prevention solutions in real world environments. Previously, LPRC operated at the store level, but its operations are now equally geared to corporate decision makers and corporate emergency operations centers. Shoplifting and employee theft are still high priorities, but the council now delves into fraud, supply chain protection, violent crime, point of sale crime, burglary, situational awareness, and other issues.

National Retail Federation

The world's largest retail trade association, the NRF has a Loss Prevention Council and constituent committees that meet to discuss problems and share solutions. The NRF also hosts an annual loss prevention conference, advocates for the loss prevention industry, and provides news and resources.

Loss Prevention Industry Professionals Association

This organization holds an annual conference and vendor showcase, as well as offering networking and other benefits.

Retail Industry Leaders Association

Describing itself as the premiere advocate for America's most sophisticated retailers, RILA offers education, networking, and a forum for problem solving. It contains a council and committees that focus on various asset protection issues, such as auditing and technological innovation.

National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association

Established in 2012, this organization fights organized retail crime through education on such techniques as skimming, cargo theft, and return fraud.

Mystery Shopping Providers Association

Characterizing itself as "the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources," the group has more than 450 member companies worldwide. Its membership includes marketing research, private investigation firms, and mystery shopping fieldwork services.

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