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Book Review: Keeping Religious Institutions Secure

​​Butterworth Heinemann;; 210 pages; $34.95.

A respectable resource for those providing security oversight to churches, mosques, and synagogues, Keeping Religious Institutions Secure addresses threats of violence aimed at houses of worship.

This comprehensive compilation of information and references goes into great detail, so it will be useful to novice security managers and those with no security background. There are many good examples of steps to take to properly manage and evaluate security in general.

Charts and examples throughout the book define important points, while drawing the reader’s attention to them. The information is up to date and helps readers gain an understanding of the issues and the security risks associated with religious institutions.

Information from other sources is referenced appropriately and extensively, and numerous end notes direct the reader to them; however, more original content might have enhanced the book.

The author’s stated intent is “to provide religious institutions with a basic understanding of risk, methods of protection, and other considerations they need to take into account in order to keep their facility, property, and users secure.” Mission accomplished.


Reviewer: John M. White, CPP, is president/CEO of Protection Management, LLC; a retired law enforcement officer and a published author. He serves on the ASIS Healthcare Security Council.