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Focus on Bomb Threats

Black and white photo of destroyed the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Amid Bomb Threats, Schools Seek Support and Resources

U.S. government agencies have noted an uptick in the number of bomb threats and explosive incidents since 2015, especially targeted towards minority institutions. Here’s how support agencies are stepping up to increase awareness and training to improve response.

Historically Black, Historically Targeted

Historically Black colleges and universities were increasingly targeted by bomb threats in 2022. The incidents, however, are just part of a longer pattern of violence and intimidation towards Black institutions in the United States.

An Explosive Situation: Strategies to Prevent Youth Radicalization

A recent wave of bomb threats against historically Black colleges and universities said to be made by a juvenile highlights how extremist ideologies are being spread in places where young people congregate. It also highlights the need for resources to help community members effectively intervene.
Former football player Reggie White and his wife Sara walked past burnt rubble of the Inner City Church where he served as an assistant pastor at the church.

Timeline: A Pattern of Violence

Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUS) received dozens of bomb threats in 2022. While the uptick in threats was new, it’s part of a long history of threats and violence towards Black institutions in the United States.