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An Explosive Act

May 2018 | COVER STORY

Just before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, chemical manufacturer Arkema decided to shut down its plant to brace for the storm. Arkema worked with U.S. federal and local partners to safely secure the site during the storm, demonstrating how new regulations are pushing facilities that manufacture, store, and transport chemicals in the United States to plan to handle when a worst-case scenario happens.

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Taking Flight

A rural Washington public utilities security team wanted to use drones for critical infrastructure and emergency response alike. How it got off the ground.

Banks Balk on Bud

The U.S. cannabis industry now boasts billions in revenue, but it lacks places to put all the money. This raises issues, and opportunities.

Space Jam

GPS—which is integral to the operation of critical infrastructure—is increasingly being targeted by bad actors, but securing the equipment is not easy.

Giving Security Credit

“Information is just as valuable, or more valuable, than anything someone can physically take from the branch,” notes James McDonald, CPP, security operations manager for VyStar Credit Union.