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Illustration by Security Management

Teleworking Security Tips from DOD

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) CIO released a list of Do’s and Don’ts for maintaining best cybersecurity and network protection practices while teleworking.

Although the list is intended for DOD teleworkers, many of the tips are applicable for nongovernment workers interested in sound cybersecurity and protecting their company’s information assets.

The list includes 11 recommended network utilization practices and 12 cybersecurity recommendations, as well as eight network utilization practices and 11 cybersecurity practices that are not recommended.

Recommended practices include configuring home WiFi according to best practices, such as changing the default password and enabling encryption; logging off any virtual private network (VPN) connections at the end of the work day; using only organization-approved file sharing services to share files with others; and becoming familiar with adversary attack methodology, such as coronavirus spear phishing attacks.

Practices that are not recommended include leaving video collaboration tools connected when not in use; dialing into video or phone conferences when you were not invited; working from public locations where others are close enough to read from your screen; and leaving email applications running when not in use.

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