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National Campus Safety Awareness Month

September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month, with the Clery Center focusing on merging theory with practice for campuses that might struggle with executing certain safety measures.

The Clery Center was founded by the parents of Jeanne Clery, a 19-year-old college student who was raped and murdered in her college dorm in 1986. The Clery family successfully lobbied for the Clery Act, consumer protection legislation with the goal of providing transparency about campus crime policy and statistics. The organization works with colleges and universities to keep today’s college students from experiencing acts of violence when possible by using effective safety measures throughout a campus.

For 2019, the Clery Center teamed up with sponsor TrackTik, a Montreal-based company producing workforce management solutions for physical security.

“Through providing subject matter experts across the field in our webinars and hands-on resources like our flowcharts and tools, Clery Center highlights the questions that need answers and provides applicable ways to put the answers into practice,” said Laura Egan, senior director of programs for the center. Egan added that this year’s theme is called “Bridging the Gap,” and as part of raising awareness of how to best comply with the Clery Act, they will host a free webinar on 19 September, at 2 p.m. EST. 

The webinar, a joint production from the Clery Center and TrackTik, will include information on campus reporting procedures, and provide participants with the company’s experience in security, the center’s expertise on the Clery Act, and information on compliance with the federal act. The webinar, which will be led by Egan and Mark Folmer, CPP, a TrackTik vice president, is part of several professional development resources available during September.
Along with four free webinars, the center is also providing other free resources—including a Campus Safety Outreach Starter Plan and a breakdown of Annual Security Report requirements.

ASIS International also offers resources on campus and school safety, including webinars, books, and research. Our bookstore features a wide variety of items on security and the ASIS School Safety & Security Council published a white paper on active shooters in school environments.