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Protests Close Hong Kong Airport

​From tear gas in train stations to security posing as protestors to a surreal laser pointer protest, the major demonstrations in Hong Kong against a bill that would allow extradition of residents of Hong Kong to mainland China continue. As the protests entered a third month, demonstrators caused major disruptions at Hong Kong International Airport for a second straight day, effectively shutting it down.​

That is no small issue because the Hong Kong airport is one of the busiest in the world. It facilitates slightly more passengers than Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport and all but three U.S. airports (Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, O’Hare in Chicago, and L.A. International Airport in Los Angeles). Thousands of demonstrators effectively barred passengers from accessing the airport, acting as human barriers and using luggage carts to barricade passageways and entrances.

It is unknown if protestors will target the airport for a third straight day.

The BBC News examined ways China could possibly intervene, and The Washington Post has a quick overview​ of the protests. In addition, the Post gives advice on what to do if you had plans to fly to or through Hong Kong.

Security Management previously provided best practices for handling protests at your organization in “Preparing for Protests” and “Employee Protection During Protests​.”