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Deadly Toronto Vehicle Attack: What we Know

What we know so far:

​Ten people died and 15 were injured on Monday when a man deliberately drove a van onto a sidewalk crowded with pedestrians in Toronto. The attack occurred around 1:30 p.m. local time

Police say the suspect is 25 year-old Alek Minassian, who was arrested after an intense standoff with officers in the minutes following the attack. He was seen pointing an object at law enforcement, but no shots were fired during the arrest.

Canadian news source CBC says the attack is not part of a larger threat to national security, according to the country's Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. 

Car rental company Ryder System Inc. confirmed that one of the company's rental vehicles​ had been involved in the attack, Reuters reports. Ryder spokeswoman Claudia Panfil said that the company was cooperating with authorities.​

Toronto Deputy Police Chief Peter Yuen said there would be"a long investigation" following the attack, according to the BBC, and said that hotlines had been set up for victims' families and for witnesses. He has asked for any additional witnesses who have not come forward to contact law enforcement.

Vehicle Attacks on the Rise

Deadly vehicle attacks have been used by terrorists in recent years, and USA Today has published a list ​of some of these incidents over the last four years.

LocationKilledInjuredDateHouston13March 2018NYC Hookah Bar17December 2017Barcelona, Spain14100August 2017Times Square, NYC122May 2017London Bridge, U.K.848June 2017Westminister Bridge, U.K.550March 2017Berlin, Germany1250December 2016Ohio-14November 2016Nice, France86Several HundredJune 2016Valence, France-2January 2016Quebec11October 2014