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marketplace may/june

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May/June 2021 Marketplace

vivotek.pngFacial Recognition

VIVOTEK cooperated with CyberLink Corp to release a facial recognition surveillance solution. The integration between VIVOTEK’s VAST 2 Video Management Software and CyberLink’s FaceMe Security facial recognition software allows users to easily monitor and manage facial recognition results for various security applications. Along with facial recognition capabilities, the VMS also maintains image quality, a smooth installation process, and provides accurate instant alerts based on preset blocklists, VIPs, and employees.


Temperature Screening

Seek Thermal launched the Seek Scan Kiosk, an all-in-one contactless thermal scanning solution for businesses, institutions, and venues in need of temperature screening. The kiosk includes a Seek Scan camera and reference heat source, a 10-inch tablet, and aluminum stands. For employers and building operations specialists who want daily in-person health checks of their staff or visitors, the system automates body temperature screening. With a range of 3 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit), it offers the same performance as an infrared temporal thermometer while automated features enable operators to remain at a safe distance.


ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure introduced the PL321/PLLW321T padlock, with a 1/4-inch diameter shackle that is available as a mechanical or electromechanical CLIQ padlock. Small, flexible, and IP68 rated, it can operate in various environments and is impervious to water or extreme temperatures. Users can lock up utility meters, data center cabinets, telecommunications, equipment, transportation enclosures, and more, opting for either a mechanical key or Bluetooth CLIQ Connect key. Users can also manage the padlock with CLIQ Web Manager, which allows users to grant access rights, set schedules, and view audit reports.

johnson.pngAdaptive Security Cameras

Johnson Controls added four models to its Tyco Illustra Essentials IP camera line. The fourth generation Essentials mini-dome, varifocal mini-dome, bullet, and varifocal bullet cameras come equipped with built-in adaptive infrared illumination, allowing them to capture up to two-megapixel HD-resolution images of objects in total darkness up to a distance of 30 meters (98 feet). NDAA-compliant, these IP67-rated cameras have protection against dust, water, and other elements, as well as H.265 video compression. These models support one-touch autofocus and have pixel-by-pixel Wide Dynamic Range technology to deliver clear images from scenes with bright and dark areas, while the varifocal models feature motorized zoom.

idec.pngHuman–Machine Interfacing

IDEC Corporation introduced a new 4.3-inch LCD screen size HG1P handheld human–machine interface (HMI). Although it is lightweight, the HMI is hardy enough for enhanced operator interactions, including automated machine tending and robotics applications. Weighing only 500 grams and with contoured hand grips, a hand strap, and a wall-hanging bracket, the HG1P’s design makes it comfortable to use even for long periods of time, and it is tested to withstand drops up to 1.5 meters. The field-friendly, high resolution TFT color LCD touch panel displays at 480x272 pixels. A hardwired emergency stop button, selector switch, and a three-position enabling switch all make it flexible for use.

quantum.pngIndustrial Internet of Things

Quantum Automation announced the availability of its QCloudServer Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system, which hosts remote monitoring and control applications. The system allows end users and system integrators to connect to edge-source data, transmit it on-site or through the cloud, aggregate and log data, calculate and analyze data, and deliver mobile and Web visualization. The configurable system offers clients a way to identify and define their needs, including how to extract or analyze data from individual sensors, smart devices, machines, automated equipment, or a combination of these. The system can be deployed on the user’s onsite servers, but for best performance cloud-hosting on Amazon Web Services is recommended.

videoloft.pngSurveillance Analytics

Videoloft added a new video analytics feature to its software platform, enabling object detection and text recognition for even rudimentary CCTV systems, converting them into intelligent ones, and negating the need for expensive hardware upgrades or enterprise video management software. Instead, all that is required is a plug-and-play Videoloft Cloud Adapter. The cloud-based video analytics identify people, vehicles, machinery, clothing, safety equipment, and wildlife. Its text recognition feature reads license plates, vehicle signage, clothing labels, and any other text captured by a camera. The software also allows users to build personalized alert rules and quickly and easily search for specific video events by date, text, or object.