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Book Review: Interminable: Stories and Steps to Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

Interminable: Stories & Steps to Overcoming Life’s Obstacles After a Repetitive Cycle of Pain and Loss. How to Maintain Your Win! By Michael L Henderson. S.U.I.T.E. Media Productions & Management;; available from; 178 pages; $14.95.

1020-ASISNews-BookReview-Interminable-Stories-and-Steps-to-Overcoming-Lifes-Obstacles-After-a-Repetitive-Cycle-of-Pain-and-Loss.jpgNot strictly a security book, this is rather an inspirational book. The topic of Interminable: Stories & Steps to Overcoming Life’s Obstacles After a Repetitive Cycle of Pain and Loss can be of interest to anyone in the security profession seeking to achieve their career goals and to deal with life’s difficult issues.

Author Michael Henderson’s background includes service as a police officer, a detective, and a global security practitioner, as well as a television and film producer business executive. The book includes personal stories and experiences by the author based on his professional and life experiences. He discusses proactive steps that one can take to overcome life’s obstacles, even after setbacks and losses. As the author states, the goal of the book is to provide information on “how to maintain your win.”

The writing style of Interminable is easy to follow. The contents of the book are organized and concise. Chapters follow a logical sequence covering the topics within the publication that the author seeks to address. One drawback to the book is that it provides no references to support the information presented in the publication. There is no index that permits for the easy retrieval and review of relevant information within the text. Based on the type of publication that it is, these deficiencies are not critical. They do not detract from the content provided by the author or the value of the publication.

In conclusion, while it is not a security publication, it is an inspirational book for the intended audience. This would include anyone in the security profession and especially those in a security management position and anyone who seeks to maintain a win in their professional and personal life.

Reviewer: Daniel J. Benny, PhD, CPP, PCI, has been a member of ASIS since 1976. He is an associate professor in security and intelligence studies with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Benny has also been a licensed private investigator in Pennsylvania since 1981. He is the author of seven security textbooks.