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March 2020 Industry News

Highway Surveillance

The Autoroutes Paris Rhin Rhone (APRR) Group chose Teleste’s S-VMX video security solution to enhance its motorway safety and surveillance system. APRR Group manages roughly 2,323 kilometers of motorways and toll facilities on behalf of the French government. The S-VMX solution will monitor and secure motorways in the east and south of France, which includes roadways, car parks, and rest areas. The S-VMX and Teleste’s S-AWARE situational awareness platforms are adaptable security systems that can control large quantities of information from multiple sources within the operating environment. The system is being installed by Teleste and ENGIE Ineo, and it includes a 10-year maintenance agreement.

Mergers & Moves

Cellebrite BlackTag Technologies
The acquisition expands Cellebrite’s portfolio of digital intelligence solutions, adding on computer forensic acquisition and analysis.

TEAM Software Innovise
The acquisition will expand TEAM’s presence in the United Kingdom and extend its reach to five continents.

BadgePass Alabama Card Systems
The merger enables BadgePass to offer credential management solutions throughout North America.

PrimeKey Crypto Workshop
The acquisition allows PrimeKey to provide a fully secured supply chain for its products and several client-specific products.


Fraudulent Returns
March Networks unveiled the integration of its Retail Solution program with Zebra Technologies’ Savanna data intelligence platform to address fraudulent return investigations.

Nok Nok Labs partnered with banking leader BBVA to improve biometric systems security on mobile devices.

Mobile Security
HackerOne, a penetration test and bug bounty platform, teamed up with OPPO to improve the mobile phone manufacturer’s products and services security.

Penetration testing provider Redscan achieved accreditation from CREST for its Security Operations Centre.

Research Innovations, Inc., was awarded a five-year $48 million contract from the U.S. Department of Defense Army Geospatial Center for advanced national security technology solutions.

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants launched a Certified Ethical Hacker Master credential in the United Kingdom. To earn the master credential, applicants must take a practical hacking test and a written exam.