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Certification Profile: Rose Miller, CPP

​As a military police officer in the U.S. Army for 27 years, Rose Miller, CPP, led hundreds of law enforcement and security professionals in meeting global security challenges. When seeking a second career, her objective was to share her experience and skills and continue to grow as a security professional. 

“An Army colleague introduced me to ASIS International,” she says, “and I found that the association’s networking and education opportunities would significantly assist my transition to the private sector.”

When searching for positions in corporate security, she encountered several roles that listed security certification as a required qualification—and she promptly launched her pursuit of the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) credential.

She gathered study materials and spent six months preparing for the exam. Using the practice exams, she identified areas where she needed additional study—and she successfully passed the CPP exam in 2011.

Within 90 days after earning her certification, she was offered a position as a director of security in a large hospital in Washington, D.C. 

“My CPP certification made the difference in the successful translation of my military experience to the security management profession,” she notes. “As a military security professional, the CPP helped define my level of competence to private sector employers.”

“The healthcare industry under­stands, recognizes, and encourages certifications,” she adds. “Respecting my commitment to certification, C-suite executives comfortably rely on my recommendations and actions in all security functional areas. It is very satisfying for me to be able to relieve senior executives of security concerns and allow them to focus on taking care of patients and running the business.”

One of her most memorable moments was the day the vice president of the United States paid her hospital a visit—on only two hours’ notice. 

“Our security team, established programs, collaborative relationships, technology, and senior leader support all came together for a flawless execution of the mission,” she reflects.

After more than three years in the position, Miller made the leap to security consulting—looking to diversify her expertise and expand opportunities to share her knowledge. As a consultant, she continues to reap the rewards of her CPP. Potential clients seeking security consultants not only respect ASIS certifications, but often require them. She routinely leverages both the network and educational resources of ASIS. 

She now gives back to the Society by volunteering with the ASIS International Military Liaison Council. She is active in her local chapter and serves as a Women in Security Council liaison.  

“A career in security is honorable and rewarding,” she offers. “When I served my nation in the military, I was honored every day that because of our efforts, citizens were able to feel safe and secure while enjoying the freedoms of family, work, and play. Embarking on a career in the security profession allows me to continue to help protect those freedoms.”  

Profile by Steven Barnett, ASIS communications coordinator