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Flashback | September 1978

​Leveraging the Brand

Security Management had a big year in 1978—launching its first full year as a monthly publication, doubling the number of issues. In 1977, a proposal by the North American Publishing Company to purchase the magazine and continue publication under the ASIS logo was rejected by leadership. Headquarters staff presented a plan to generate revenue by taking the magazine monthly, despite concerns over finding enough material to fill the magazine’s pages.​

Annual Meeting

ASIS President Don Walker cuts the ribbon, opening the 1978 seminar and exhibits in Los Angeles. Following a sold-out exhibit floor with 97 companies participating in 1977, ASIS Executive Director E. J. Criscuoli, Jr., led the first meeting of the Exhibits Advisory Committee in 1978. Among the topics of discussion were the hours of the exhibit hall, the flow of traffic, and sizes of the booths. 

Certification Pioneers

Paul Stivers, president of the 1978 Professional Certification Board, presents the first Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certificate to 1977 ASIS President Wayne Hall at the 1978 seminar and exhibits. The first CPP exam was held after the 1978 event; 47 people sat for the test. 

Special thanks to Mary Alice Davidson, former publisher of Security Management, for chronicling ASIS history in The Gold Standard: ASIS Celebrates 50 Years of Advancing Security.