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Getting To Know: Gail Essen, CPP, PSP

​GAIL ESSEN, CPP, PSP, is President of Professional Security Advisors, a women-and-diversity-owned firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gail serves as a member of the Board of Directors for ASIS International and previously led the global Women In Security Council. ​

Q. What does ASIS mean to you? 

A. ASIS is a core pillar of my success. It provides a global network of experts and innovators that others seek to mirror. ASIS enlarges my sphere of influence and opens doors of opportunity.​

Q. Advice for your younger self?

A. Balance work and family better, schedule business travel around the kids’ milestone events, and highlight weekends with quality playtime.  

Q. Advice for new folks in the industry?

A. Develop a broad network of friends and colleagues by serving others. Check your motives in actions, words, and deeds to minimize self-promotion and purposely help others.  

Q. A mentor who inspired you?

A. Brian Dunn provided fatherlike encouragement coupled with a tough-love temperament. Brian sent me to my first ASIS meeting. Q. Describe yourself in 25 words or less.

A. I am a servant leader who rises and falls with my team. I surpass goals, but do not expect perfection because mistakes afford growth.