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Book Review: 150 Things You Should Know About Security

150 Things You Should Know About Security. By Lawrence Fennelly and Marianna Perry, CPP. Butterworth-Heinemann;; 260 pages; $69.95.

The security industry is changing across many landscapes, including technology, workplace violence, cybersecurity, and more. The second edition of 150 Things You Should Know About Security approaches these and other modern issues with tried and true strategies.

Authors Lawrence Fennelly and Marianna Perry, CPP, offer comprehensive coverage of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Overall, the book leans heavily on the many core concepts of CPTED and explains how to integrate them into everyday security concerns.

This text is not just about 150 hot topics in the industry; in addition, it provides a fresh look into an ever-changing industry. To illustrate, the authors recount that years ago, security pros advocated high-pressure sodium lighting, whereas today they advise using LED illumination. The fact that lighting is a key component in security assessments has not changed; the solutions, however, have evolved.

For experienced practitioners, the material serves as both an excellent refresher and an update on current issues. The book keeps a running count on the topics, and by the time the reader reaches item 150, "Emerging Trends," few subjects will have been overlooked. The design is simple and easy to follow, making the book both a great overall read and a quick reference to a topic you are in the midst of addressing. In addition to its core content, the authors selected two timely topics to include in the appendix: "Places of Worship" and "Women in Security."

The reputations of both authors lend credence to 150 Things You Should Know About Security. This book is a well worth a security professional's time.

Reviewer: Michael S. D'Angelo, CPP, is the principal and lead consultant for Secure Direction Consulting, LLC. He serves on the ASIS Healthcare Security Council and the ASIS Transitions Council.