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​​​Photo by Ryan Tang on Unsplash​​​

Book Review: Understanding Personal Security and Risk

Understanding Personal Security and Risk. By Charles E. Goslin. ​CRC Press;; 266 pages; $41.95.

When you start using the information in a book you're reviewing before you even finish reading it, that's a sign the book has great value. That is what happened with Understanding Personal Security and Risk by Charles E. Goslin. Primarily meant for business travelers (read: executives) and their security teams, the information is extremely helpful for any international traveler or security professional required to provide pre-travel briefings.

The author's Personal Security Principles, which include preparation, detection, deterrence, delay, and defense, were immediately incorporated into an existing travel program at the reviewer's university. Other chapters deal with contingencies, kidnapping, hotel precautions, and other threats travelers should consider. The sections on cybersecurity and identity theft are valuable, and the list of 11 countries with the highest identity theft in the world became a part of current program materials. Readers are cautioned to check links to resources frequently; they change often, and one link provided in this book was already out of service.

The experience of the author shows throughout the book. It is well organized and contains all the information a corporate, university, or government security officer could want. It's a concise reference and valuable resource.

Reviewer: Terry V. Culver, CPP, CMAS (Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist), is a security program specialist for Georgia Tech Research Institute. She has more than 25 years in defense and industry security management.