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February 2018 ASIS News

​Out with the Old, In with the New

Have you checked out the new ASIS website,

Launched late last month, the revitalized site is built with your needs in mind, delivering what you want, when you want it. Gone are the text-heavy web pages, unfriendly navigation, and cumbersome shopping experience. From the top down, all functionality is designed with mobile in mind.

These strategic design choices along with our new taxonomy and tagging structure will enable quick access to our robust search feature and easy-to-browse navigation. Tap into the expertise of your 35,000+ ASIS peer group in ASIS Connects, our new member-only private community.

We invite you to visit the site today and explore the host of opportunities to get involved in your global security community. Update your profile at the top-right of the homepage. Indicate areas of interest, add a profile photo, and revisit your communications preferences. January's website upgrade is just the start of a multiphase web update plan. To help inform what the project will look like in the coming months, share your feedback [email protected].​

What's Ahead for S&G

The ASIS Commission on Standards and Guidelines expanded its membership from 12 members to 28 in 2018, on the heels of its first open application process.

"Over the last decade, the global security standards landscape has changed dramatically," says Sue Carioti, ASIS vice president of Certification, Standards, and Guidelines. "The ASIS Standards and Guidelines Commission understands and recognizes that change is necessary on multiple levels. To that end, the commission took purposeful steps to broaden its membership composition as well as to institute a new and formal membership application process."

The 2018 Commission on Standards and Guidelines consists of:

  • Chair Bernard Greenawalt, CPP, Securitas Security Services USA
  • Vice Chair Eugene Ferraro, CPP, PCI, ForensicPathways, Inc.
  • Charles Baley, Farmers Group, Inc.
  • Bruce Braes, CPP, Jacobs
  • Darryl Branham, CPP, Avnet
  • Herbert Calderon, CPP, PCI, PSP, CCM2L
  • Robert Carotenuto, CPP, PCI, PSP, New York Botanical Garden
  • Werner Cooreman, CPP, PSP, Solvay
  • Michael Crane, CPP, Securisks
  • Michael Cummings, CPP, Cummings Security Consulting, LLC
  • William Daly, Control Risks
  • David Dodge, CPP, PCI, David Dodge & Associates
  • Lisa DuBrock, Radian Compliance
  • Tommy Hansen, CPP, Petroleum Safety Authority
  • Glen Kitteringham, CPP, Kitteringham Security Group
  • Ronald Lander, CPP, Ultrasafe Security Solutions
  • Bryan Leadbetter, CPP, Arconic
  • Ronald Martin, CPP, Open Security Exchange
  • Juan Muñoz, CPP, Associated Projects International
  • Angela Osborne, PCI, Guidepost Solutions
  • Werner Preining, CPP, Interpool Security
  • Malcolm Reid, CPP, Brison
  • Jeffrey Slotnick, CPP, PSP, Setracon Enterprise Security Risk Management Services
  • J. Kelly Stewart, Newcastle Consulting
  • Timothy Sutton, CPP, GHG Management, LLC
  • John Villines, CPP, PCI, PSP, John C. Villines LLC
  • Roger Warwick, CPP, Pyramid Temi Group
  • Allan Wick, CPP, PCI, PSP, Tri State Generation & Transmission

The new commission holds a diverse range of security expertise. Its 28 members represent eleven countries. Twenty members are new to the commission in 2018, although 21 have served on past technical committees. Furthermore, 24 are ASIS board certified, and 11 are involved with ASIS councils.

In 2018, the commission will consider the restructure of Standards and Guidelines programs; form static technical committees to address core security risk management discipline areas; review existing standards and guidelines with an emphasis on relevancy and gap analysis; chart a path forward to begin development of tools, guides, and handbooks; and increase integration in knowledge and learning.

Three technical committees remain busy in 2018, continuing their work developing standards in the areas of security awareness, private security officer selection and training, and workplace violence prevention and intervention.​

Lifetime Members

John Sullivant, CPP; Larry K. Stanley, CPP; and Michael J. Fagel have been granted lifetime membership to ASIS.

Sullivant has been a dedicated member for 31 years and has served as chapter chair, vice chair, and membership chair for the Granite State Chapter. He also authored two published articles in Security Management: "Is America Prepared for Today's Threat?" and "Successful Project Planning."

Stanley has been a regional vice president, an assistant regional vice president, and a member for 25 years. He also served as chair of the Central West Virginia Chapter.

Fagel has served on the ASIS School Safety and Security Council, the Fire and Life Safety Council, and the Food Defense and Agriculture Security Council. He was presented with the inaugural ASIS Security Book of the Year Award at the 60th Annual Seminar and Exhibits. Fagel has been an ASIS member since 1982.​

Lifetime Certifications

The following security professionals have been awarded lifetime certification status. 

  • Andre P. Firlotte, CPP
  • Rickey Gene Nelson, CPP
  • Joseph F. Frawley, Jr., CPP
  • Norman B. Taylor, CPP
  • Bruce R. Sullivan, CPP
  • Robert Chicarello, CPP
  • Mary M. Vavra, CPP
  • William R. Bogett, CPP
  • Kirk A. McGee, CPP
  • Mary M. Vavra, PSP
  • Huan Chiang Lee, PSP​


The Facility Manager's Guide to Safety and Security. By John Henderson, CPP. CRC Press;; 270 pages; $79.95.

In many smaller organizations—and those focused on cost-cutting—the facility leader may be tasked with overseeing the company's security function. Professionals in this field often come from engineering or mechanical backgrounds, and they may possess limited knowledge and skills relating to the protection of an organization's physical assets. Author John Henderson, CPP, wrote The Facility Manager's Guide to Safety and Security to address that knowledge gap.

The author drills into fundamental security concepts, explaining not just what to do, but describing the goal of the task—for example, deterrence, incident response, guard force management, and even crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED). Overall, the book serves as a practical handbook for securing any building, with starting points and programs to steer the manager along the way.

The text guides the reader through the process of conducting a security assessment, determining a facility's needs, and applying practical solutions. Specific areas of security addressed are lighting, access control, fencing, and fire/life safety. Although targeted towards those who manage buildings for their organizations, the text can serve as a practical guide and overview of physical security for anyone in the industry.

One excellent section in the book is titled "Not Much Happens Around Here." It addresses the complicated issue of convincing executives to spend dollars on costly security initiatives when the consensus is that there are no real concerns. It is always difficult to measure security's effectiveness when statistics don't indicate true security needs. The author points out that conversations with employees can often provide a clearer picture of concerns and needs.

The Facility Manager's Guide will serve as a valuable tool for leaders new to the responsibility of providing an overall safe and secure environment.

Reviewer: Michael D'Angelo, CPP, is the principal and lead consultant for Secure Direction Consulting, LLC, a Florida-based independent security consulting firm. He served on the South Miami, Florida, Police Department for more than 20 years, retiring as a major. He currently serves on both the ASIS Healthcare Security Council and the ASIS Transitions Ad Hoc Council.​


Congratulations to chapters celebrating milestone anniversaries in the last quarter of 2017.

40th Anniversary

 Texas Gulf Coast

 Greater Lexington

15th Anniversary

Southwestern Ontario

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