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SM Online September 2016


What does a successful program for countering violent extremism look like? The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) reports on the deadliest groups since 2001 and finds that almost a third of attacks have been carried out on private citizens and property. It also explains what private businesses can do to prevent such attacks. Another report from a subcommittee convened by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security focuses on the spread of violent extremist ideology and the recruitment of youth to extremist groups, plus what the department should do to address the problem.​


By 2050, an inadequate supply of water could reduce economic growth in some countries by as much as 6 percent of GDP, according to a recent World Bank report​. Regions facing this risk include India, China, the Middle East, and much of Africa. 


A French parliamentary inquiry​ examined terrorist attacks in the country last year and made 40 proposals to strengthen national security, including information sharing and addressing radicalization at its source.


There is no Second Amendment protection for carrying a concealed weapon in public, a federal appeals court ruled​. The ruling stems from a case brought by plaintiffs living in California who sought to carry concealed firearms in public for self-defense. They were denied licenses to carry because they did not satisfy the good cause requirements in their counties.


A report from Seagate​ outlines how various industries are turning to video surveillance to improve security, conduct investigations, improve business operations, and more. Among its findings: most organizations use at least 200 cameras that run continuously. 


The United Kingdom House of Commons passed a bill​ that limits the use of encryption and gives spy agencies the ability to engage in bulk surveillance. The Investigatory Powers Bill allows the government to require technology companies to undo data encryption they’ve put into place, but only when it is technically feasible and not “unduly expensive” to do so.


The final report from the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission​ outlines recommendations and best practices for school security. The commission interviewed more than 100 witnesses following the December 2012 shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, including the parents of the 20 children killed in the school and various mental health experts.


ASIS Europe 2017 will take place March 29–31 in Milan, Italy. Learn more about the program and its speakers here.