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ASIS News September 2016


ASIS International and the FBI have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed at strengthening col­laboration and information sharing between the two organizations to protect the nation’s economy and enhance public safety and national security. This partnership is the result of dedicated efforts by ASIS and the FBI’s Office of Private Sector (OPS), which was established in 2014. OPS serves as the FBI’s primary liaison with the American business community, focusing on meaningful dialogue and engagement with the private sector through key outreach programs. 

“Today’s risk environment increasingly requires collaboration between private and public sector security and intelligence professionals,” says Peter J. O’Neil, CAE, CEO, ASIS International. Adds Thomas Langer, CPP, president- elect ASIS International and vice president for security, BAE Systems, “This MOU deepens our strategic relationship with the FBI, promotes public and private sector collaboration, and most importantly, will help security professionals worldwide protect the people, property, and information trusted to their care.” 

FBI Deputy Director Andrew G. McCabe said, “As the FBI works to remain ahead of the threat in the face of new and more complex challenges, strong partnerships between the public and private sectors are vital to our nation’s security. Through this agreement between FBI and ASIS, we seek to increase our mutual understanding of risks to our nation’s economy and implement more effective deterrents and protections.”​


This month, InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA) is holding its 20th Annual Congress and Conference in Orlando in conjunction with ASIS International’s ASIS 2016 and (ISC)²’s Security Conference 2016. Worldwide, the three associations represent memberships of more than 150,000 security professionals. The collaboration adds even more significance to each group’s years of commitment to its members.

“Having our 20th Anniversary Congress and Conference colocated with the 62nd Annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits is symbolic of InfraGard’s mission of education and information sharing across all 16 critical infrastruct­ures,” says Gary Gardner, chair, Infra­Gard Board of Directors. “Our ‘all haz­ards’ approach to protection and resilience of the nation’s critical infrastructures, their cybervector, and our roots in the FBI make the relationship with ASIS and (ISC)² truly complementary.”  

 General sessions, networking events, and the exhibit floor will be open to all attendees who register through any of the three groups. Specific sessions include an Infra­Gard track integrated into the three days of focused education programs as well as those organized by the other two groups.

 “As the bellwether in public-private relationships among security professionals, InfraGard is a natural and exemplary partner for ASIS,” says Peter O’Neil, ASIS’s CEO. “With three of the leading security organizations joining forces at one marquee event, attendees and exhibitors can expect a week of stimulating programming, exhibits, and networking. We believe that this is a great stride in our effort toward creating a more rewarding seminar experience.”

“We talk a lot about convergence,” says David Shearer, CEO of (ISC)², “and there’s no better example than our alliance with InfraGard and ASIS. Together, (ISC)², InfraGard, and ASIS are leveraging expertise and resources to unite security strategies. As allies, through our collocated conferences, we are building a well-trained, skilled workforce to mitigate threats and acts of cyberterrorism.” ​


Security concerns in Europe and its neighbors continue to make front-page news worldwide. In an effect to foster solutions, the global reach of ASIS International will be front and center from March 29 to 31, 2017, in Milan, Italy.

ASIS Europe, now in its sixteenth year, is well-known for drawing security professionals with cross-border, multisite, and multidisciplinary responsibilities. Under the overall theme of “From Risk to Resilience,” every key economic sector will be represented, from critical infrastructure to manufacturing and from finance to hospitality. A full educational program will be supplemented by exhibitors serving local, regional, and international markets. 

Confirmed speakers include experts from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Luxembourg. Their sessions will address trends and issues in physical and cybersecurity, risk mitigation, compliance, investigations, crisis management, safety, and disaster response. A series of closed-door sessions hosted by the CSO Center for Leadership and Development will cover topics specifically relevant to chief security officers (CSOs).  

The conference will also include a Technology and Solutions Track. These programs given by representatives from exhibiting companies will keep attend­ees up to speed with targeted case stud­ies, research, and the capabilities of cutting-edge products and services.  

A primary focus of this event, however, is networking. To that end, a welcome party, receptions, and daily breaks give attendees an unprecedented chance to engage in one-on-one exchanges with colleagues from similar countries or companies who can share security innovations and best practices. 

While the Call for Presentations deadline has passed, registration is open as are numerous sponsorship and exhibiting options. To learn more, email the conference organizers at [email protected] and check in frequently to the conference site at