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Police Officer Shoots Man At Dallas Love Field Airport

?A police officer shot a man outside the Dallas Love Field airport Friday afternoon while responding to a domestic violence disturbance, local officials said.

At approximately noon local time, a man was using rocks to attack a woman�believed to be the mother of his children, who were not present�in a car at the airport,�Assistant Dallas Police Chief Randall Blankenbaker said�in a press conference.�

A police officer, whose name has not been released, attempted to intervene. The man then charged�the officer, who was able to get away, but was then rushed again by the man. The officer then opened fire on the man, who has been taken to a local hospital to treat his injuries. The woman was not physically injured during the altercation, Blankenbaker said.

A video of the incident taken by Bryan Armstrong and posted to Instagram appears to show a portion of the incident and an officer in a yellow vest with his gun pointed towards a baggage claim entrance. Eight gunshots can be heard, along with a woman screaming, as a person urges�someone to �stand down.�

??During the incident, people inside the airport rushed through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint without being screened. This has resulted in all travelers inside the security perimeter being evacuated to be rescreened by TSA.�

In a tweet posted to its Twitter feed, Dallas Love Field airport told travelers waiting in TSA security screening lines to be prepared to wait for up to three hours.

??The airport also encouraged travelers to contact their airlines before arriving at the airport to check in for their flights.�

?The officer has since been placed on administrative leave, as is Dallas Police Department protocol, and has a cooling off period of several days before being required to give a statement.�

Blankenbaker also explained that the department will be conducting a full investigation to find out more details about the man and woman, how the incident started, and how they both came to be at the airport.?

Security Management will continue to post updates to this story as more information becomes available.