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2016 ISC West Product Showcase

MANAGED SWITCHESComNet Communications of Danbury, Connecticut, a manufacturer of transmission and networking products, is introducing a new series of managed switches. The first to debut is the all Gigabit CNGE11FX3TX8MSPoE managed switch with three SFP ports and eight TX POE ports. ComNet will be one of the only companies in the industry to offer a domestically manufactured managed Ethernet switch. The company plans to introduce a complete line of managed Ethernet switches that will be made in the United States. Booth 5097, Circle 407???????


Security Center 5.4 from Genetec offers innovative security threat countermeasures, including authentication and encryption to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the system. To mitigate the risk of cyberthreats, including man-in-the-middle attacks, digital certificates are used to guarantee trust within the system for all levels of communications in Security Center. Security Center 5.4 also leverages latest encryption standards to protect recorded streams, maintain unencrypted data, and enforce viewing permissions through digital certificates. Booth 26057, Circle 408


With Magic Monitor from S2 Security, security operators can solve a wide range of problems, whether in their operations center, public areas, at the front desk, or in the field. Video and digital signage appear on Magic Monitor in response to events and alarms, guiding staff and visitors to safety. Security personnel can assess and manage situations from anywhere, and review and catalog video with ease. Magic Monitor also presents dynamic digital signage, promotional videos, and camera feeds in environments ranging from corporate lobbies to campuses to retail. Booth 28073, Circle 409



Cognitec Systems recently introduced a specialized IP video camera with face tracking and detection technology inside the device. The camera was optimized to work with Cognitec�s FaceVACS-VideoScan product to detect people�s faces in live video streams, which are then compared to facial image databases to instantly identify known individuals. The technology enables anonymous facial analysis to count and track individuals, generate demographic information, find frequent visitors, and detect crowds. Booth 17127, Circle 410


Axis Communica�tions released two new bullet-style HDTV network cameras, AXIS P1435-E and AXIS P1435-LE. Both cameras offer full HDTV 1080p resolution up to 60 fps. The cameras also feature Axis� Zipstream technology for reduced bandwidth and stor�age, as well as Lightfinder and Wide Dynamic Range�Forensic Capture to combat challenging lighting conditions. These cameras are ideal for video surveillance of city streets, railway platforms, loading docks, and airport terminals. The day and night camera is ideal for 24/7 video surveillance in exposed outdoor areas, such as parking lots and service stations, and for indoor surveillance wherever a compact camera is needed. Booth 14051, Circle 411COMMUNICATION

LINQ Network Communication and Control Solution from Altronix provides mission critical power distribution applications by allowing users to monitor, control, and report power from anywhere. LINQ provides remote IP access to real-time data from power supplies and distribution devices to help keep systems up and running at optimal levels. LINQ is ideal for IP video surveillance and access control systems spanning multiple sites, as well as for integrators servicing multiple systems in multi-tenant, multi-user environments. Reporting via e-mail or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) allows for accurate and rapid response. LINQ enables net�work connectivity with new and legacy power/distribution devices. Booth 11073, Circle 412?


The Invisigate Glass Barrier Turnstile from DSI provides a visual and physical barrier that starts 4 inches from the floor and can be configured as high as 6 feet. For lobbies that require higher security but where aesthetics are a priority, it monitors traffic flows of 30 to 45 people per minute per lane and integrates with any access control system. Invisigate has available custom glass etching, doesn�t need programming, and provides a �hard-lock� option for higher security applications. Booth 22099, Circle 413


The MAXPRO Cloud by Honeywell of Morris Plains, New Jersey, enables monitoring of access control and video processes for multiple locations through cloud technology. With the award-winning MAXPRO Mobile App, a single login provides access to the full range of powerful features and services on the go. MAXPRO Cloud is more than just a security system�it�s a business tool that lets you see what�s happening at each of your locations, offering actionable insights that improve service and reduce costs. Booth 14025, Circle 414


The LTO Program, formed by technology providers HPE, IBM, and Quantum, has developed LTO-7 Technology, a powerful, scalable, adaptable open tape format to address data protection and archive needs. With up to 15 terabytes, LTO-7 Technology can help reduce storage costs. One LTO-7 cartridge can hold the data of up to five LTO-5 cartridges. LTO-7 Technology with LTFS allows users to explore tape content with directory trees�drag and drop files to and from the tape and share the tapes across platforms. Booth 4039, Circle 415


THE ORION 2.4 HX, a new nonlinear junction detector from REI of Algood, Tennessee, locates hidden electronics in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, or containers, even when they are turned off. The ORION 2.4 HX is available in 3.3W and 6.6W models, both of which have a touch screen display. The antenna-mounted line-of-sight display allows target activity monitoring while sweeping. REI also manufactures the OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzer for RF detection, the TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer, and other detection products. Booth 32079, Circle 416?


The Walkthrough Caster Set by Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, is ideal for stadiums, special events, and school use. The casters, which can be permanently attached, allow full mo�bil�ity of a Garrett PD-6500i walk-through metal detector by one person. Detectors can be moved to a secure location when they are not in use and provide an un�impeded exit at the close of an event. The caster assembly is constructed of durable, pow�der- coated steel for use in all environmental conditions. Booth 16127, Circle 417


AMAG Technology is presenting Symmetry GUEST Visitor Management, a new cloud-based visitor management system. The product operates on any tablet, smartphone, or PC and allows employees to pre-register visitors and notifies responsible parties when banned visitors are pre-registered. Visitors receive a pass via their smartphone, or they can check in and print their pass. Dashboards showing current, future, and favorite visitors further enhance the end user experience by reducing lobby headcount, eliminating paper�work, and meeting audit and compliance requirements. Booth 14099, Circle 418ACCESS CONTROLLER

The IP Pro IP-based single door access controller from SDC of Camarillo, California, is now available with PLUS PC Client Software. The device allows expansion from standalone door access control management to a 100-door grid, which can be managed and controlled with a single PC. It allows the user to have a local area network for doors, without the problems of a costlier enterprise system that may require expensive licensing and complicated software. With the new device and software, every door can be configured and managed every from a single interface. It�s also specially designed to be implemented in smaller facilities that require the same code compliance as larger facilities. Booth 21109, Circle 419?WIRELESS LOCK

ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin of Berlin, Connecticut, and Sargent of New Haven, Connecticut, introduce the new IN100 Aperio wireless lock. This next generation lock is designed to offer the convenience and flexibility of Aperio wireless technology with the real-time communication of online access control. The centralized lock/unlock function can be accomplished in less than 10 seconds. The IN100 also provides simultaneous support for multiple credential types using iOS or Android devices. The IN100 is available in cylindrical and mortise lock configurations, with a choice of black or white reader and a broad range of finishes and levers. Booth 8061, Circle 420


JustIN Mobile, the new mobile key from SALTO Systems of Norcross, Georgia, uses Bluetooth Low Energy to allow communication between smartphones and electronic locks. The mobile key is sent over the air from ProAccess SPACE management software to a JustIN Mobile app that is installed on a registered and verified smartphone. �All data transmission and the mobile key itself are encrypted and secured. Users can receive mobile keys anytime and anywhere. Booth 26089, Circle 421


The Enterprise CardAccess 3000 Enterprise Campus Security System, from Continental�Access of Amityville, New York, now offers a new Lockdown/Notification app for staff and teacher smartphones. The app provides lockdown capability, emergency notification, and pinpointed status, with options for both internal PA and outbound communications with first responders. With the new app, the CardAccess 3000 combines integrated access control, visitor management, video, alarms, and customizable wireless electronic access locks with ID readers that feature smartphone lockdown. Booth 12043, Circle 422ACCESS MANAGEMENT

San Jose-based Quantum Secure�part of HID Global�released its next-generation physical identity and access management software, SAFE 5.0. The solution centralizes systems into a single policy-based platform that automates and simplifies physical identity and access management. Featuring an intuitive interface and advanced reporting capabilities, SAFE delivers critical information in a single view to provide users with actionable intelligence. Its dashboards can be viewed from almost any device, streamlining initiation and auditing of access-related requests. Booth 11063, Circle 423



Talkaphone of Niles, Illinois, is introducing its reimagined VOIP-500 series call stations. The VOIP-500 will follow the closely related VOIP-600 series call stations, with an upgraded sleek interface design and full-featured capabilities. The VOIP-500 series will directly support the Singlewire InformaCast IP Speaker Protocol, which is capable of alerting the audience through Cisco IP phones, speakers, cell phones, and other compatible devices. In addition to being capable of receiving live, ad-hoc, pre-recorded, or text-to-speech audio, the VOIP-500 can be configured to place a call to a preset extension phone number. Booth 23109,�Circle 424


Napco Security Technologies Inc. of Amityville, New York, introduced the Archi�Tech Designer Wireless Networx Locks with Bluetooth LE technology and iLock App ca�pa�bility. With more than 300 Grade 1 architectural lock styles and finishes, the lock is ideal for educational, hospital, corporate, or multi-dwelling residential settings. The lock features an emergency lockdown/unlock option via lock, button, keyfob, or server. ArchiTech Series Networx Locks can be used to control access a door at a time across a wire�less network, or as an integral part of a new or existing enterprise security system spanning thousands of doors. Booth 12043,�Circle 425


Napco offers a universal solution for ensuring that life safety and fire alarm systems continue communicating in an emergency with its StarLink Universal Commercial Fire Alarm Communicator Series. The StarLink communicators are Verizon Network Certified and offer the broadest, state-of-the-art CDMA nationwide coverage footprint. They are code-compliant for full event alarm reporting to any central station or office the user designates. The expanded StarLink line�used as primary or back-up communicators�is available in standard and mercantile metal models in an easy-to-install, field-proven solution. StarLink also has models available for intrusion alarm reporting for any security system brand. Booth 12043, Circle 426RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

Prosegur of Madrid, Spain, offers iTrack, a mobile resources management platform based on indoor positioning technologies. iTrack provides the location and availa�bility of people and assets in real time, translating into a higher level of safety and security in a planned and auditable manner. With iTrack, customers can manage their resources efficiently and minimize response times, ultimately improving the experience of their visitors, users, and internal clients. Circle 427VEHICLE SURVEILLANCE

Comm Port Technologies of Cranbury, New Jersey, expands its under vehicle surveillance systems with the introduction of the CPAS series. The CPAS series has been re-engineered with metal alloys to support up to 78 tons with no additional cost to the user. Using CPAS, security personnel can view in real time and full color the entire length of a vehicle with no need for an image-processing computer. As part of the updated package, CPAS now includes in the base price a driver image camera, ANPR, templates, and automatic comparison software. Booth 352, Circle 428?SECURITY LOCK

Exclusive to Detex of New Braunfels, Texas, the ECL-230X door lock is ideal for back doors and functions both as panic hardware and as the strongest hardware in its class. The ECL-230X-TDB has three large deadbolts designed for maximum holding force, a photo-luminescent sign, a 100-decibel alarm, and a durable ramped end cap. The ECL-230X-TDB-DX3 can withstand more than 16,000 pounds of pull force. Booth 22103, Circle 429


New from Alarm Lock of Vandalia, Ohio, the Trilogy T2 DL2700LD with LocDown is ideal for K-12 and campus security. This standalone wireless keyless access lock includes a key fob and a bright visual lockdown indicator bar on the inner door to confirm lock-down security activation. On the outside of the door, a small indicator light flashes and/or optionally beeps. Its compact pocket-sized lockdown key fob can control up to four locks, for remote lockdown activation, up to 100 feet away. Booth 12043, Circle 430?


The new professional series 64-channel NVR (DS-9664NI-18) by Hikvision of Zhejiang, China, is a reliable addition to IP security systems that require ultra-high performance. The recorder supports recording of up to 12 MP camera resolution, ultra-high definition output up to 4K, and 48 TB storage capacity. The recorder features Hikvision�s optimized H.264+ compression, which reduces bitrate and bandwidth requirements and increases storage space by 50 to 70 percent. ONVIF- compliant, the NVR is easily connected to third-party network cameras and allows for user-friendly centralized management, including configuration, import and export of information, real-time information display, and two-way audio. The recorder also supports 16-camera synchronous playback and reverse playback. Booth 14059, Circle 431?