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December 2015 Product Showcase


Yale Locks & Hardware of Berlin, Connecticut, an ASSA ABLOY Group brand, introduced a suite of next-generation solutions for the multifamily and small business markets. The multifamily solution includes nexTouch access control locks for common areas and exterior doors, Yale Real Living di­­gi­tal deadbolts and interconnected locks for residence doors, Accentra cloud-based lock management software, and credential up­dater, based on secure HID technologies for updating access rights and transmitting audit trails. The small business solution includes the same hardware, plus integration with interactive service platforms such as those from, DSC, Honeywell, and iControl.Circle 1208



Axis Communications of Chelmsford, Mas­sachusetts, introduced the AXIS Q3709-PVE Network Camera, a multisensor, mul­ti-megapixel day/night fixed dome. Outdoor-ready with IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings, it is vandal-resistant and can operate in a wide temperature range with power over Ethernet. It also offers video motion detection and a tampering alarm. The camera has three 4K sensors that together provide a detailed 180-degree overview of a large area, capturing movements in high detail at 30 frames per second. No  fo­­cusing is required because the lenses are factory-focused. The camera has a repaintable, removable weather shield that protects against rain, snow, and sunlight. Circle 1209




G4S Secure Solutions of Jupiter, Florida, secures people, property and assets by understanding and mitigating security risk. The company integrates the full power of its resources and expertise to drive optimal and cost-efficient results. It provides customized security solutions that can include risk consulting and investigations, systems integration, security software and technology, and security officers to help address any challenge that may arise. Although each G4S solution stands on its own, the company is able to combine its offerings to deliver a comprehensive customer experience. Circle 1210



Optical turnstiles and tailgate detection devices from Designed Security, Inc., (DSI) of Bastrop, Texas, help increase security and improve pedestrian traffic flow at any access point in a building. DSI offers a complete line of products designed to improve access control at entrances to commercial, institutional, educational, and government facilities. Circle 1211



Honeywell of Louisville, Kentucky, offers MAXPRO Cloud, an integrated, cloud-based video and access management system that enables organizations to streamline multisite management. The system  features enhanced usability, an integrated business analytics system, and custom remote management op­tions. It allows owners to manage their facilities’ security systems through a single user-friendly interface. The complimentary app also enables constant connectivity and control over access and video surveillance systems, providing a true end-to-end solution. Circle 1212




Detex Corporation, of New Braunfels, Texas, has introduced a maximum-security, multipoint lock with three-bolt construction. The ECL-230X-TDB is designed with a larger deadbolt that goes deeper into the frame than other locks in the category. Connecting rods are solid steel. Life safety- and code-compliant, the lock serves as both panic hardware and a maximum-strength locking device. It includes a photoluminescent sign, 100-decibel alarm, and three locking points per door. Combined with three DX Bolts, the lock can withstand 16,000 pounds of pull force. Circle 1213



Alarm Lock, a division of Napco Security Technologies of Amityville, New York, offers access control solutions that blend advanced wireless access control convenience with a customizable designer locking form factor in a choice of trims and finishes. ArchiTech Series Networx Locks are linked with Bluetooth LE Technology to the iLock App, each supplying stored encrypted data to provide secure access using a smartphone. The app works at a range of up to 30 feet away. For greater security, an optional passcode can be entered on the phone app. Users can e-mail digital eKeys to guests or service people to provide temporary access when no one is there. Circle 1214




HID Global of Austin, Texas, introduced extended-range high frequency and long-range ultra-high-frequency (UHF) solutions to provide new options for using a single card to open doors as well as access parking gates from a distance. The new portfolio includes two rugged and weather-resistant readers optimized for outdoor use. The iCLASS SE R90 Extended Range reader is ideal for distances up to 15 inches and supports popular smart card credential technologies, along with HID Mobile Access powered by Seos. The iCLASS SE U90 Long Range reader uses UHF and the dual-technology iCLASS SE and UHF combo smart card to operate over distances of up to 15 feet. Circle 1215




Kaba of Rümlang, Switzerland, has ex­panded its electronic access control solutions. The Kaba PowerPlex 2000 is a self-powered, eco-friendly electronic lock that is easy to install, use, and maintain. It requires no wires or batteries and provides an audit trail. The E-Plex Wireless Access Control System is an enterprise system that provides centralized access control management of both wireless and stand-alone locks. It supports multiple credentials and offers emergency global lockdown or remote un­lock. The Keyscan Aurora access control management software leverages the processing power and integration capabilities of Keyscan access control systems, supporting any access control deployment, regardless of size. Circle 1216




Prosegur of Madrid, Spain, is a global company with more than 158,000 employees working from more than 350 offices in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania and providing services for more than 24,000 companies and institutions, 180,000 small and medium enterprises, and 200,000 households. It offers integrated and specialized security services combined with advanced technologies and the best professionals to provide maximum efficiency for the business management of companies. Integrated security solutions include: manned guarding, cash in transit, cash management, electronic security systems, cybersecurity, executive protection, fire protection systems, and residential security. Circle 1217




Addressing the needs of security operations and investigations, Perspective Enterprise Incident Management Software from PPM of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is an end-to-end incident management solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents. It begins with efficient incident response through real-time dispatching and resource allocation. Throughout the process, impact is minimized and complete incident details are captured for further investigation and future reference. Post-incident, security metrics demonstrate where countermeasures are needed and showcase the value of the security team. The system features relational analysis, sophisticated data segregation, automated workflows, and physical security information management integration. Circle 1218




Industrial-quality Destroyit paper shredders from MBM Corporation of Charleston, South Carolina, allow customers to securely shred sensitive documents without using an outside shredding service. They provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing confidential data won’t fall into the wrong hands. MBM offers more than 40 models to meet any security need, and all are equipped with industry-leading safety features. Precision-engineered in Germany for years of reliability, the cutting heads are warranted for life. Circle 1219




Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, now offers the PD 6500i Wireless Remote, which offers wireless control and programming of the Garrett PD 6500i walk-through metal detector for security screening checkpoints. The detector offers pinpoint technology and discrimination features. Designed for maximum throughput without compromising security, it is used by security professionals worldwide. The PD 6500i is an approved product for homeland security under the SAFETY Act. Circle 1220




Research Electronics International (REI) of Algood, Tennessee, manufactures products that protect against intellectual property theft. The ORION 2.4 HX Non-Linear Junction Detector locates hidden electronics in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, or containers, even when they are turned off. This new version of the standard ORION 2.4 adds a touchscreen display and is available in 3.3W and 6.6W models. An antenna-mounted line-of-sight display lets the operator focus on the target while sweeping. The company also manufactures the OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzer for RF detection, the TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer, and other detection products. Circle 1221




TrackTik of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is expanding its line of workforce management solutions that standardize, simplify, and centralize security operations through easy-to-use technology. The software provides a fully integrated solution with tools for tracking, reporting, patrolling, dispatching, and scheduling in real time. The solution leverages NFC technology through Android devices and offers a comprehensive view of the entire operation from mobile and Web-based platforms. Among the products offered are guard tour management, incident reporting, incident analytics, timekeeping and scheduling, lone worker safety, IP camera integration, mobile device management, and visitor management. Circle 1222




Samsung Techwin America of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, developed a new series of cameras for high quality performance and exceptional value. The line of WiseNet Lite IP Cameras includes 1.3-megapixel and 2-megapixel Full HD IP cameras in a number of configurations and feature sets. The series offers indoor domes, indoor domes with in­frared illumination, outdoor domes with infrared illumination, and bullet cameras. They feature 60 dB digital wide dynamic range and lens distortion correction, which compensates for the image distortion that can occur with wide angle lenses. Circle 1223




EcoFlex electrified mortise locks from ASSA ABLOY of New Haven, Connecticut, reduce energy consumption by up to 96 percent over standard electrified mortise locks. They can be used in conjunction with a wall reader or in an integrated hardwired lock. The technology is available in SARGENT and Corbin Russwin locks. EcoPower, from ASSA ABLOY brand Securitron, is a highly efficient power supply designed to work with low-power electrified locks. This compact unit reduces standby power consumption compared to linear and switching power supplies. Used together, the EcoFlex and EcoPower solution is GreenCircle Certified to reduce power consumption up to 99 percent. Circle 1224



Napco Security Technologies of Amity­ville, New York, added mobile access control to its enterprise security offering. Continental Access CA3000 Software with integrated, interoperable access, alarms, video, and locking, is scalable from a few to thousands of doors, and accommodates unlimited users. The mobile access control option provides virtual credential access on smartphones and other devices to grant authorized users access privileges, so they don’t need to carry traditional credentials. Circle 1225




Par-Kut International of Harrison Township, Michigan, manufactures guard houses and shelters, border inspection booths, se­curity access control checkpoints, and observation towers. Because first im­pressions are critical in building relationships, it is important that the security booth be both attractive and efficient as the focal point for greeting and directing traffic. Factory-assembled booths are climate-controlled and well insulated for guard protection and better performance. Booths can be designed with restrooms and constructed with bullet-resistant materials. All structures can be enhanced to reflect architectural elements of the facility. Circle 1226




Dallas-based THRIVE Intelligence, a Universal Services of America company, provides alarm monitoring and real-time video security as a service by delivering a complete end-to-end solution—from the camera and analytics to a robust monitoring and response center. Solutions are scalable and reliable. The combination of specialized operator selection, hiring, and training, plus the technology’s alarm and video monitoring capabilities, provide end users with the ability to secure assets with video surveillance as a stand-alone solution or by augmenting or replacing personnel. Among the capabilities are event-based response, virtual fence monitoring, virtual guard tours, virtual escorts, and lobby reception management. Circle 1227




Cognitec of Dresden, Germany, developed the FaceVACS-Video­Scan C5 IP video camera for built-in face detection and tracking. The camera provides optimal image quality for real-time face recognition, even under challenging conditions. It complements the company’s FaceVACS-VideoScan face recognition technology, which compares faces to facial image databases and instantly finds known persons of interest. Security staff can track individuals online or receive alerts on mobile devices. The technology can also be used for counting visitors and monitoring movement in time and space. For example, it can send an alarm if too many people gather in a specific area and measure waiting times to direct traffic. Circle 1228




The Lifeline optical turnstile series from The Lifeline optical turnstile series from Boon Edam of Lillington, North Carolina, offers sophistication and innovation. Intuitive features include unique sensors that detect a visitor’s approach, an energy-saving sleep function, pulsing light strips that guide users, and proven symbols to make it user friendly. The ergonomic design and an array of customization possibilities, like various glass and finish choices, provide comfort and style for the user. The series contains three models: the Slide, Swing, and Open models. Circle 1229




Austin, Texas-based ABM provides multiple services for facilities, including security personnel and consulting, parking and transportation, janitorial services, landscaping, and grounds maintenance, plus energy, electrical, lighting, HVAC, and mechanical expertise. Its integrated solutions option provides economies of scale, ease of administration, and the convenience of a single point of contact. It will coordinate multiple building maintenance services within and across facilities nationally or globally. ABM personnel can be the eyes and ears of an operation, from the parking lot to the rooftop. Circle 1230




Abloy Security of Irving, Texas, offers a range of tough locks that can withstand severe weather conditions and environmental extremes. ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ LED key and interface make it easy to retrofit mechanical locks with electromechanical models. There are no batteries in the locks, because the power comes from the key. CLIQ technology provides audit trails in both the lock and the key, flexible time functions, and immediate removal of lost keys. All padlocks feature case-hardened boron-steel shackles and hardened steel UL-listed cylinders. Patent-protected keys can also open ABLOY door locks, and the keys cannot be duplicated. Circle 1231




Ameristar Perimeter Security of Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers a full line of perimeter se­curity products, including gate systems, anti-ram fences, active vehicle barriers, bol­lards, and guard booths. Its team of architectural specialists and market developers work closely with design firms to ensure that each project meets the customer’s expectation for security, safety, and success. Ameristar’s security experts help companies find the best solution for each project, dealing with unique challenges that require a balance of active security components and physical security systems. Circle 1232




March Networks of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, offers a self-contained, high dynamic range (HDR) IP camera purpose-built for ATMs. The MegaPX ATM’s HDR and low-light technology enable clear video in direct sunlight, near-darkness, and high-contrast lighting conditions, so images are never washed-out or overexposed. The camera combines all components in a single housing measuring just 2.2 x 2.3 x 2.7 inches. It integrates seamlessly with the company’s 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs and supports third-party integration via ONVIF compliance. Its unique design prevents shifting during the cash vaulting process and eliminates the need for continual onsite camera adjustments. Circle 1233




Chicago-based Protection 1 offers a new customer portal that is designed with multi­site national customers in mind. Its eSuite 2.0 offers easy use, control, and transparency of electronic security system data. The dashboard landing page has an overview of incident counts. Maps and graph-based images offer visual representations of activity. Users can edit schedules and schedule exceptions, contact information, and panel codes, as well as viewing inspection schedules and performance. The parallel release of eSuite 2.0 Mobile adds the convenience of a mobile application, allowing authorized users to perform many functions from a mobile device. Circle 1234




The Retransfer Plastic Card Printer (PR-C201) from Team NiSCA of Somerset, New Jersey, offers 600 dpi, 24-bit color printing of more than 145 cards per hour. It allows users to print full-color, full-bleed images via the retransfer process, which uses dye sublimation to print an image in reverse directly onto the film base. The printer thermally transfers the image and film onto the card surface via heat and pressure. Data is encrypted for printing via a network. The printer is available with an optional encoder, a magnetic stripe encoder, a contact encoder, and/or a contactless encoder. Circle 1235




Red Hawk Fire and Security of Boca Raton, Florida, offers advanced systems integration and cutting-edge applications. All electronic security systems and legacy systems can be integrated with Red Hawk’s fire, life safety, and physical security solutions. Experts analyze a customer’s specific requirements, including regulatory compliance, and then develop the best solution for each business. Dedicated local service means that an account manager can take care of everything a customer needs. More than 50,000 companies and institutions across the country rely on the resources, knowledge, and reach of the Red Hawk team. Circle 1236



Fully customizable to any purpose or terrain, CAST Perimeter Series lighting systems from Cast Lighting of Hawthorne, New Jersey, are constructed of the highest-quality materials. Moisture- and dust-resistant, they can operate in temperatures from –40 to +55 degrees Celsius. The rugged lights use up to 85 percent less energy compared to other systems, and they deliver maintenance-free operation for an expected 10 years. Easily installed, the low-voltage system is Dark Sky-compliant. The CAST LED Perimeter Higher Power Fence Light has six Cree XTE Array LEDs and lumen maintenance of 66,500 hours. The fixture is surge and spike protected. Circle 1237




Diebold Security of North Canton, Ohio, offers a customizable online dashboard to manage an entire security platform. Secure­Stat is an online customer management tool that delivers a unified view, control, and measurement of the security system, including disparate intrusion, access, video, and fire systems. It works using a secure, equipment-agnostic, consumer Web technology and native browser interface. It brings together locations, security systems, and devices for a holistic view of the entire security operation, with site maps and account detail. Users can update information, request service, and generate reports. Circle 1238




Atlanta-based SALTO Systems introduced two mobile solutions that make it easy and secure to use smartphones as part of an access control solution. The JustIN Mobile Key app allows users to securely receive keys online via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone; then they can access doors directly with the phone. An alternative solution is the JustIN mSVN app, which permits extending or changing access rights instantly and remotely over the air using the mobile SALTO Virtual Network (mSVN) for NFC-enabled phones. Working with the company’s new ProAccess SPACE software, both mobile solutions bring better security and usability to end users and system managers. Circle 1239




The CPAS enhanced under-vehicle surveillance system from Comm Port Technol­ogies of Cranbury, New Jersey, was re-engineered to support up to 78 tons of weight using advanced metal alloys. Security personnel can view in real time and full color the entire length of the vehicle. Full high-definition color images are produced at up to 900 frames per second, even when vehicles are moving up to 75 kilometers per hour. The updated package also includes a driver image camera, a license plate reader, templates, and automatic comparison software. Circle 1240




Altronix of Brooklyn, New York, recently announced that its eFlow Power Supply/Chargers now communicate over the network with new Altronix LINQ2 modules. Real-time data allows early intervention and response in handling system issues, so downtime is minimized, and unnecessary service calls are eliminated. LINQ2 monitors DC output voltage, current draw, AC and battery status, unit temperature, and more. The device provides e-mail and SNMP trap message notifications to report system issues with an event log that stores history. Devices can be controlled and reset via Internet access. All Altronix products are made in the United States and backed by a lifetime warranty. Circle 1241




Code Blue Corporation of Holland, Michigan, of­fers reliable, full duplex VoIP speakerphones that feature SIP compatibility, self-monitoring and fault reporting, outdoor rating, and weather and vandal resistance. They provide a direct link to first responders for clear and effective emergency communications. Easily mounted, the hands-free, ADA-compliant devices enhance full system integration capabilities. Available with multiple button, keypad, and enclosure options, they also include built-in contact closures that can activate a strobe or camera or work with door access applications. Circle 1242




During an evacuation, the anatomy of a building changes, and the stairs may become the only option for escape. EVAC+ CHAIR North America of Lake Success, New York, has been providing evacuation chairs for emergencies since 1982. Most notably the EVAC+CHAIR helped get persons safely out of the World Trade Center on 9-11. The chair’s continuous reinforced belted treads provide automatic braking, allowing for a steady controlled descent down stairs. The single-operator, lightweight evacuation chairs can carry passengers weighing up to 500 pounds with precise, effortless control. EVAC+CHAIR offers a lifetime war­ranty, and the chair exceeds fire safety requirements. Circle 1243




Commend of Mahwah, New Jersey, intro­duced three new audio products that con­nect to an intercom server to provide high-definition audio announcements that can be heard even in noisy environments. The AFLS 10HCW is an 8-inch, 10-watt hybrid IP/SIP amplified ceiling speaker; the AFLS 10HHG is a 10-watt hybrid IP/SIP amplified horn loudspeaker; and the AFLS 10HPW is a 10-watt hybrid IP/SIP amplified projector loudspeaker. All offer end-to-end supervision, full talk-back capability, power over Ethernet, onboard inputs and outputs, and Intelligent Voice Control ambient noise detection and volume compensation. Circle 1244




Allegion of Dublin, Ireland, introduced the Schlage NDE Series wireless electronic lock with ENGAGE technology. It allows facilities to affordably extend electronic access control to interior offices, common areas, sensitive spaces, and perimeter doors. The locks combine the lock, credential reader, door position sensor, and request-to-exit switch all in one unit, and they install into standard cylindrical door prep, eliminating the need to drill additional holes in the door. Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth radios enable the lock to connect directly to an existing WiFi network or to the new ENGAGE Gateway for real-time access control. Circle 1245




The Brownyard Group of Bay Shore, New York, provides insurance coverage and risk management solutions for the security guard, private investigative, and alarm industries. With more than 60 years of experience covering security concerns, Brownyard offers broad coverage through an admitted insurer. The company handles claims in an expeditious and knowledgeable manner via its in-house claims facility. Brownyard works exclusively through an insurance agent or broker chosen by the client. Circle 1246




ASSA ABLOY of New Haven, Connecticut, announced that its Corbin Russwin and SARGENT brands offer HID Mobile Access support across a broad range of access control locks. Smartphones and other mobile devices enabled with Bluetooth Smart and NFC credentials can be used with the IN120 WiFi lock, the Access 700 and Passport 1000 PoE and WiFi locks, and the SE LP10 Integrated Wiegand lock. The mobile access issues, delivers, and revokes digital credentials on iOS and Android mobile devices. It protects identity data and keeps over-the-air communications private. The mobile-enabled locks are compatible with HID Global iCLASS SE and Seos cards as well as multiCLASS SE readers configured for HID Mobile Access. Circle 1247




Guardian Predict from AlertEnterprise of Fremont, California, delivers powerful physical identity and access management software for corporate and critical infrastructure protection. It combines machine learning and predictive risk analytics to de­tect behavior anomalies and deviation from regular access patterns. Managers can safeguard against insider threats by tracking when employees enter critical areas outside of normal shift hours or without a work order. The software integrates with camera systems, surveillance, sensors, and cybersecurity tools for total threat intelligence. Circle 1248




Lenel Systems International of Pittsford, New York, a United Technologies company, continues to advance its OnGuard Integrated Platform to support innovative and integrated security solutions. Designed around open standards, the software allows customers to better protect and manage their people, property, and assets. Lenel is a global company that provides flexible, integrated solutions that help protect security-conscious organizations throughout the world. Circle 1249




Focal Point is an easy-to-use access control system from Access Specialties of Rosemount, Minnesota. It supports IP-based controllers at a reasonable cost with no per-seat license fees. Easily installed with standard CAT-5/6 cabling, it can operate on power over Ethernet or traditional power. Focal point supports integrated photo ID capabilities, in addition to custom reports, e-mail response, input/output control, and more. It accommodates all card reader technologies and can be expanded to work with systems of all sizes. Circle 1250




TEAM Software of Omaha, Nebraska, offers an integrated scheduling component that allows managers to schedule qualified people quickly from a desk or in the field. Schedulers can easily find eligible employees based on shift requirements and can offer shifts via WinTeam, a fully integrated financial, operations, and workforce management solution, or via eHub, an employee self-service portal available on the Web or mobile devices. Employees can pass or claim the shift on eHub Mobile. Schedule information is updated immediately across the integrated system, ensuring that contract obligations are met and that billing and payroll are completed accurately and efficiently.   Circle 1251




Talkaphone of Niles, Illinois, introduced the VOIP-201C3, a compact video door entry station that features a contemporary design and IP66 weather rating for tough environments. With exceptional sound clarity during conversation and a built-in auto-dialer that can dial six numbers, customers can communicate clearly and effectively. The call station supports standard Session Initiation Protocol and includes an additional Ether­net port to connect to other devices. The ONVIF-compliant, wide-angle megapixel IP camera comes standard and features dual-stream video. The station can work with a variety of video management platforms. Circle 1252




To help create safer K-12 schools and campuses, Marks USA, a division of Napco Security Technologies of Amityville, New York, introduced LocDown security solutions for every school building and door. LocDown Classroom Intruder Locksets are designed to be locked or unlocked from the exterior—always open on the interior. They allow teachers to secure the classroom without stepping into the hallway to lock the outside handle. The exterior lever is disabled by operating the interior lock cylinder. Circle 1253




AlliedBarton Gateway from AlliedBarton Security Services of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, assures that security programs are staffed with security professionals that meet the specific requirements of the job. Skilled recruiters match employees to position requirements, resulting in officers who are more engaged in their work, provide better service, and stay longer in their positions. The fully integrated system and transparent, paperless hiring process promotes efficiency and collaboration while ensuring that the extensive screening process is complete and the best candidates are chosen for every position. Circle 1254




As 2G cellular networks and landlines are being discontinued, fire alarm system reporting needs to be updated and safeguarded so authorities are quickly notified in the event of a fire. The StarLink Fire Universal Commercial Fire Alarm Communicators from Napco Security Technologies of Amityville, New York, provide affordable, full-event reporting on any brand of fire alarm system. Using proven transmission technology and a choice of carriers for broadest nationwide coverage, they are fully compliant with the latest industry standards. An upgrade incentive can help defray costs.  Circle 1255




Europ Assistance of Bethesda, Maryland, has 50 years of individual crisis protection experience. Leveraging a worldwide network of 35 always-open assistance centers and 425,000 partners, it provides immediate support and assistance in times of emergency and distress. Asterisk, the company’s travel risk management solution, provides clients with the global risk intelligence, monitoring, and know-how to manage and respond to the risks of international travel. The core product includes online travel risk intelligence and tools along with 24/7 travel, medical, and security assistance and evacuation services. Additional solutions such as traveler security training and traveler tracking are available. Circle 1256




GAI-Tronics Corporation of Mohnton, Pennsylvania, designed its RED ALERT Hands-free WiFi VoIP Telephones to provide direct point-to-point communications between personnel over an existing wireless local area network (WLAN), meeting IEEE 802.11 b/g standards. The telephones operate from an external DC power source, which is the only wiring required for operation. In addition to providing standard telephone operation, the emergency phones feature real-time alarm reporting via e-mail or Syslog as well as centralized reporting. An embedded Web browser is used to view, monitor, set up, and change settings within each phone. The rugged construction delivers a weather-resistant solution. Circle 1257




ComNet, Com­munica­tion Networks of Danbury, Connecticut, expanded its NetWave wireless Ethernet product line with a new, significantly smaller, hardened wireless Ethernet link. The NetWave Mini is available as an individual point-to-multipoint model and as part of the exclusive ComNet point-to-point NetWave kit. It is also available as part of the standard NWK1m kit and the high-throughput NWK7m kit. The device can be used over distances of up to two miles under ideal conditions. All versions of the radio are enclosed in rugged polycarbonate cases that can withstand the most extreme environments. Circle 1258




The Lumidigm V-Series V371 Fingerprint Reader from HID Global of Austin, Texas, combines the HID Biometrics fingerprint sensor and its contactless OMNIKEY reader technology into a single, integrated device for strong multifactor authentication. Supporting card-only and fingerprint-only authentication, the solution is used as a simple means for validating an individual’s identity across a range of commercial applications in financial and healthcare markets, as well as government-to-citizen ID use cases. The versatile solution uses Lumidigm biometrics technology to deliver industry- leading security and reli­a­bility, helping organizations and government agencies worldwide in their efforts to com­bat fraud. Circle 1259