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Book Review: Intelligence-Based Security

?CRC Press;; 187 pages; $69.95.

This book is an informative guide to practical methods of applying data and statistics (intelligence) to a security-related problem with the goal of driving productive solutions. One sign of value in a reference book is the background and experience of its author. Thomas Trier is a retired FBI agent who transitioned into private security. At an electric transmission company, he made strides in preventing theft and apprehending criminals by applying gathered intelligence, analyzing it, and providing effective security countermeasures to positively impact crime trends.�

Throughout the text the author refers back to the case study of the electric company. This offers the reader real-life application of the process he is teaching. The author�s clear and thorough explanation of the use of intelligence gathering allows readers from various sectors of the security industry to understand how these techniques can be utilized within their specific fields.�

Intelligence-Based Security in Private Industry also covers the development of security programs�from the assessment phase through the analysis of results�and the need to demonstrate results from an intelligence-based security plan. The importance of buy-in from an organization�s executive leadership is highlighted. As with any viable security plan, the application of intelligence has to produce quantifiable results that can be measured in terms of dollars saved.

This book has significant value to security practitioners who are looking to revamp their program into something more proactive and results driven. It is of even greater value to a newly hired security leader who is establishing an initial security management plan. Intelligence-Based Security in Private Industry is a guide to the establishment of a sound security program backed up by data and steered by the application of intelligence-based management.�


Reviewer: Michael D'Angelo, CPP, is the security manager for Baptist Health South Florida. He is a retired police captain from the South Miami, Florida, Police Department, where he served for 20 years. D�Angelo currently serves on both the ASIS Healthcare Security Council and the ASIS Transitions Ad Hoc Council.