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Book Review: Encryption

​This “guide to using SSL and TLS encryption to deploy secure servers and Web applications” lives up to its promise. While a basic understanding of servers and web applications is needed, Bulletproof SSL and TLS explains the basics of cryptography and moves on to detail risks, implementation, and pragmatic advice for the IT security professional. 

A detailed index guides the user through the entire work, making it easy to explore an issue or to solve a problem in the complex field. Examples and explanations will enlighten a broad selection of users. While seasoned system administrators may skip introductory writings and proceed immediately to the core, others can approach a possible solution at a slower pace. 

Even in the fast-moving IT world, most of the basic procedures and practices described here will remain valid for years to come. The book is available in paperback and various digital formats, and the author continually updates the book via a blog. A revised version of the book was released in August 2015.

Bulletproof SSL and TLS should be found in the library of any IT security professional. It will provide the reader with “armored knowledge,” and applying its advice will help make systems bulletproof.


Reviewer: Werner Preining, CPP, works for Interpool Security Ltd. in Vienna, Austria. He serves on the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity Council, the Critical Infrastructure Working Group, and the Information Technology Security Council. He is also the chair of the ASIS Austria Chapter.