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OSPAs to Recognize Security All-Stars

Here's another reason to look forward to next year's ASIS International 62nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits: the first Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) ceremony in the United States will be hosted by ASIS in Orlando, Florida.

� The international awards program recognizes outstanding performance by security organizations and professionals alike. The OSPAs, which are organized in collaboration with security associations and groups across the globe, are already established in Germany, Norway, and Australia. OSPAs are awarded to individuals, teams, or companies who display independence, credibility, and transparency in their work.

Martin Gill, director of Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International and founder of the OSPAs, said that the idea behind the awards was to recognize outstanding performance in the security sector that may normally be overlooked because the world of security hasn't made an effort to celebrate success.

"One of the problems for the security sector is that when security people do well, often the reaction is along the lines of, 'great, there's no crime, why do we need you?'" Gill noted. "So how do you show success? Other sectors have got prestigious awards, so I wanted to replicate that for security."

Norway has already held its awards ceremony, and Gill said the participation and enthusiasm around the OSPAs exceeded expectations, and he expects the same for the United States. People such as ASIS President Dave N. Tyson, CPP, ASIS CEO Michael Stack, and members of the ASIS Board of Directors and ASIS Foundation have all shown hearty support for the OSPAs, Gill noted.

Gill and the award's organizers are still finalizing the details of the United States OSPAs, but starting in February 2016, both individuals and companies can apply for at least a dozen categories. Winners will receive a customized OSPA trophy at the awards ceremony during next year's Seminar and Exhibits. More information on the OSPAs can be found