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Meet the Board

?The 2016 ASIS International Board of Directors and Board Management Committee positions were announced at Tuesday's luncheon by Richard Widup, Jr., CPP, ASIS Chairman of the Board.

Widup announced the election of two new Board members: Michael R. Bouchard, CPP, CSO of Sterling Global Operations, Inc., and Jeffrey J. Lee, CPP, principal consultant, Saudi Aramco. He also explained that current ASIS President Dave N. Tyson, CPP, will become the chairman of the Board, and Joseph H. McDonald, CPP, PSP, a longtime member of the Board, will conclude his term of office in December.

The ASIS president in 2016 will be David C. Davis, CPP, senior director of sector security at Northrop Grumman. The president-elect will be Thomas J. Langer, CPP, vice president of security at BAE Systems, Inc., and the treasurer will be Richard E. Chase, CPP, PCI, PSP, vice president of security, safety, and environmental health for General Atomics. Also announced to a chorus of cheers was the new secretary, Christina Duffey, CPP, president of Anderson Security Agency.

Widup is retiring from his position as Board chairman. "There are few things I have done in my life that have given me as great a sense of satisfaction as working with such an impressive, wonderful, and dedicated group of volunteer leaders as those whom I have had the pleasure to meet during my time with ASIS," he said. Widup also lauded past board members for their service.

David Shearer, the new CEO of (ISC)2, took to the stage to elaborate on the importance of the cooperation between the two organizations, noting that this is the fifth year (ISC)2 has collocated with the Seminar and Exhibits.

"Given membership focus and professional development, resources and social responsibility, both (ISC)2 and ASIS have reputations for standards with a strong emphasis on continuing education," Shearer said. "The combined conferences create the world's most influential event. By being here, you're growing and expanding your skills, competency, and knowledge."

Widup returned to the stage to extend thanks to the many volunteers, from past presidents to council members, that make the Society as successful as it is. "It gives me great pleasure to recognize and thank all those ASIS members who volunteer at every level of our organization," Widup remarked.

Widup also noted that the first ASIS chapter, formed 60 years ago, was the Greater Los Angeles Chapter. "How fitting that as we celebrate the Society's 60th anniversary, we are here to also celebrate the 60th Anniversary of our first chapter," he said. Los Angeles Chapter Chair Ruben Karapetyan, CPP, accepted a plaque on behalf of the chapter.

Tyson took to the stage to announce the winners of several prestigious awards, including the E. J. Criscuoli, Jr., CPP, Volunteer Leadership Award to Christopher J. DiMartino, CPP. "Although this honor puts the spotlight on one special member, it is really the acknowledgement of our powerful and dedicated volunteer leadership in all regions and chapters," Tyson said. "It's a salute to each of you who are ready to volunteer and stand with ASIS International and support the world's security leaders."

Tyson also announced the winner of the Roy N. Bordes Council Member Award of Excellence. This award recognizes outstanding volunteer achievement and significant contribution to ASIS through council involvement. This year's winner is Joe Rector, CPP, PCI, PSP, an active member of the Military Liaison Council.

Rector began his volunteer leadership role with ASIS 11 years ago and has made significant contributions to the Foundation, the Military Liaison Council, and the ad hoc Transitions Council.

Widup invited attendees to come to the ASIS Foundation Night tomorrow at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney, calling the shindig "an opportunity to serve members and chapters." President of ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees Dr. Linda Florence, CPP, spoke to the importance of the Foundation and support by members.

"I'm proud to be a part of the contribution the Foundation makes to education through our scholarships and awards programs," she told attendees. "The Foundation's mission is to meet the ever-increasing need for lifelong learning and evidence-based thought leadership."

Florence also mentioned the scholarship programs the University of Phoenix and Webster University provide to members, encouraging attendees to speak to scholarship recipients about their experiences.

"While we can calculate the tuition value of the scholarships, determining the long-term value of the careers impacted and lives of our recipients is not possible," Florence said. "I know full well how much my education has altered my career and expanded my horizons."