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Meet the Accolades Winners

?The ASIS International Accolades "Security's Best" Awards recognize new ventures that are destined to become security mainstays. At today's Networking Luncheon, ASIS President Dave N. Tyson, CPP, will laud the winners. Many of the winning products or solutions will also be highlighted this afternoon at 1:45 p.m. during "What's New on the Floor?" (session 2203 in room 204B).

This summer, exhibitors were invited to submit products and services introduced within the past year to a team of judges who evaluated the entries. The judges included end users as well as experts in physical and information security.

In their submissions, companies were asked to describe a difficulty with existing security technologies, then explain how their new product or service solved the problem. The entries also included an analysis of the innovative features of the product or service.

The following list includes the 42 2015 Accolades entries. Each product or service will be showcased at the exhibitor's booth. Accolades Awards winners are indicated by ablue asterisk.ALERTENTERPRISE

Booth #709

CyberNator�Cyber Protection for�Physical Security Systems

CyberNator is a cybersecurity software application that protects critical security systems already in place. AlertEnterprise automatically extends cyberprotection across these systems, monitors privileged administrator access, looks for vulnerabilities, and monitors unauthorized configuration changes specific to those systems, making sure that their operation does not become compromised.ALLEGION

Booth #2838

NDE Series Wireless Locks with ENGAGE Technology

ENGAGE technology enables integrators to move tenants from mechanical keys to electronic credentials on interior doors at lower cost than traditional wired solutions. The ENGAGE mobile app makes it easy to quickly assign and revoke access privileges electronically by the office administrator. The Schlage wireless NDE and mechanical ND locks have identical door prep so they can be easily interchanged without having to replace the door or frame.??*?AMIKA MOBILE CORPORATION

Booth #3901

Judge's Choice Award

AMS Platform for Enterprise Security with the Internet of Things

AMS delivers government advisory alerts from NOAA, IPAWS, NAAD System, and MASAS in CAP/CAP-CP formats. Amika's Situation Commander, Panic, and I-am-OK features facilitate dynamic and interactive responses to communities of interest during an emergency, saving precious time for first responders.??*?ASSA ABLOY

Booth #2815

Judge's Choice Award

EcoFlex Electrified Mortise Lock�Platform with High Security�Monitoring

This platform provides end-of-line monitoring for integrating request-to-exit and door position sensors, providing higher security while reducing costs and simplifying specification and installation. A new deadbolt feature disables the lock when the deadbolt is engaged, an aspect intended for personal privacy areas such as nursing rooms, on-call doctor's rooms, shower areas, and restrooms. The electromechanical function allows for privacy without complicated external wiring or special EAC panel configurations.ASSA ABLOY GROUP BRAND, AMERISTAR PERIMETER SECURITY USA, INC.

Booth #2723

Matrix Security Fence�Perimeter�Enclosure Grid

Matrix design allows the contractor to install all fence components from the threat side of the perimeter. There is no need to handle multiple fasteners that can be easily misplaced or dropped during installation. All Matrix security fence components are designed to be installed without the need for excessive fastener attachments. ???*ASSA ABLOY GROUP BRAND, HES

Booth #2815

KS200 Server Cabinet Lock

The HES KS200 Server Cabinet Lock extends the reach of traditional access control systems to protect IT server racks from accidental or malicious intrusion. By offering real-time status monitoring in a single-card system to individual server cabinet doors, it gives security managers the ability to quickly identify the status of the opening.AXIS COMMUNICATIONS

Booth #1713

Q3709-PVE Network Camera

This product features three sensors for a 180-degree panoramic with up to 30 fps in 3 x 4K or 20 fps in 33 MP resolution. It is ideal for situational awareness in large areas. The fixed dome is easy to install, thanks to factory-focused lenses and functions in a wide range of operating temperatures. ?

Zipstream Technology

This technology reduces the average storage cost and is optimized for video surveillance. A new module, the Zipper, inside the network camera's video compression engine ensures that important details in the image get enough attention in the video stream while unnecessary data can be squeezed.BOON EDAM

Booth #3100

Speedlane Lifeline Optical Turnstile�Series

Boon Edam has created a new range of security products to manage the flow of people in and throughout a building. The Speedlane Lifeline's intuitive, interactive, and innovative design is available in three models�side, swing, and open�each of which is available in a variety of options and colors.


Booth #3409

D3 ONE Cyber Incident Response and IT Forensics Case Management

D3 Security's cyberplatform helps companies manage all stages of cyberdefense, including preparation, detection, containment, and mitigation. In addition to incident response, the IT Forensics Case Management component provides cyberteams with the tools they need to track evidence, assign tasks, view e-discovery results, and manage their time effectively.

iBeacon Powered Guard Tour

This solution improves the efficiency of security guards as they complete their patrol routes. Benefits include passive pinging to determine how long a guard was present at a specific location, tamper-proof checkpoints, location prompted checklists, and ranged interaction.EIZO

Booth #2269

DuraVision FDF2306W Real-Time,�Visibility-Enhancing Monitor

This product reproduces images by brightening dark areas and keeping lighter areas from becoming washed out. The Outline Enhancer function analyzes the display content and ensures that noise is not accentuated while also correcting blurred areas for sharper, crisper images. For images with a great deal of depth, the product sharpens the foreground more strongly to maintain a real-world sense of focus.GIBRALTAR

Booth #3277

G-Force Brace and Beam

This product features a shallow foundation and a noncable-based M50 P1-certified antiram fence system. The system retrofits with any style of fencing or may be used as a standalone vehicle barriers. The G-Force is a versatile and adaptable passive vehicle barrier.HID GLOBAL

Booth #2613

ActivID Tap Authentication for�Microsoft Service

This product reduces the need for complex passwords by making it possible for users to tap their smart card to laptops, tablets, phones, and other NFC-enabled devices for convenient access to cloud-based services such as Office365,, and other Microsoft apps. Powered by Seosa, the solution integrates "Tap In" access into existing physical access cards.

Lumidigm V371 Fingerprint Reader

The Fingerprint Reader combines HID biometrics fingerprint sensor and contactless OMNIKEY reader technology into a single integrated device for strong multifactor authentication. Supporting card-only and fingerprint-only authentication, the solution is a simple means for validating an individual's identity across a range of applications.HIKVISION, USA

Booth #2153

DS-2CD4A85-IZH 4A85 4K Bullet�Camera

With intelligence features for behavior analysis and detection, the Bullet Camera combines advanced video content analysis with image quality. Low bit-rate, latency, and region-of-interest recording maximize encoding capabilities.HONEYWELL

Booth #901


This product is a cloud-based video and access management system that enables organizations to streamline multisite management. It features enhanced usability, a business analytics system built within the cloud, and custom remote management options. MAXPRO Cloud allows the management of a facility's security system through one user-friendly interface.IDENTICARD ACCESS CONTROL

Booth #3201


This application gives users the freedom to manage the security of their server racks remotely.� Using a mobile phone or tablet, users can perform a range of activities, including lock/unlock racks, run reports on systems activity, acknowledge system alarms, and activate/deactivate cardholders.�IDV SOLUTIONS

Booth #567

Visual Command Center 4.5

Visual Command Center provides comprehensive risk awareness and response capabilities. It unifies disparate data into one platform for understanding risks in relation to such factors as facilities, employee locations, and supply chain infrastructure. Its Alert, Assess, and Act capabilities empower operators to take action when operational risks occur.�iJET INTERNATIONAL, INC.

Booth #847

Critical Trac App

The Critical Trac Mobile App provides one-button crisis alerting and check-in functions. It also features two-way SMS communication, a keep-alive battery option, a map function to view current locations on a mobile device, and user-defined tracking settings for precise location tracking.INDIGOVISION

Booth #4230

FrontLine Body-Worn Video

IndigoVision's FrontLine Body-Worn Video protects police, emergency services, guards, or any front-line staff no matter where they are. It helps prevent aggressive and abusive behavior and false complaints.ISCON IMAGING

Booth #2183

ISCON Imaging SecureScan

SecureScan is a whole-body screening solution that identifies objects, such as weapons or goods hidden under clothing. Items that are plastic, metal, powder, wood, ceramic, liquid, or encapsulated are quickly identified. It provides an alternative to pat-down searches, and scans can be completed in seconds.iVIEW SYSTEMS

Booth #3725

iTrax Mobile Patrol

This product's tour- and checkpoint-tracking mobile application for security officers allows for complete patrol and incident integration. Communicating directly with the iTrak Incident Reporting Platform, the iTrax mobile application generates an automatic entry of the patrol tour, capturing information directly to iTrak for real-time status updates.?*?SRI INTERNATIONAL

Booth #757

KEES Residential Smart Lock

KEES, which is by SRI and KT&C, features a versatile iris camera that works with persons ranging in height from 3'6" to 6'6". The lock includes a PIN pad so that a code can be shared with approved visitors. Also equipped with a wireless interface, the system can function as a digital doorbell, sending an image of an unidentified visitor to the homeowner via e-mail to text. The lock runs on battery power that can last for a year before requiring new standard-sized batteries, and will operate during a power failure. When the residence is sold, the door lock system can be reprogrammed, eliminating the need to rekey the lock.


Booth #1275

Rugged In-Vehicle NVR

Logic Supply has released a rugged mobile NVR certified by Milestone, a leader in open platform IP video management software, for use with the company's XProtect VMS platform. The product offers the advantages of an extended operating temperature range, a fanless and ventless chassis, low power requirements, and variable power capabilities for transportation applications.


Booth #2815

Medeco XT Mobile Programmer

The Medeco XT Mobile Programmer allows the programming of keys remotely via Bluetooth on an Android device from any location that has cellular coverage. By using Bluetooth wireless communication and an easy-to-navigate mobile app, users do not have to travel to an administrator for key access changes.?*?MICROPOWER TECHNOLOGIES

Booth #3273


This product is a wireless, solar-powered solution that delivers high-resolution video to ensure increased security protection, rapid investigations, and operations monitoring in outdoor environments. The camera delivers 720p megapixel resolution for detailed image capture. Its integrated wireless and solar-power capabilities eliminate the need for power and transmission cabling, reducing costs and installation complexity.?*?NICE SYSTEMS

Booth #601

NICE Object Origin

This product is a patented video analytics solution that can analyze hours of surveillance video in seconds to determine the first time an object appeared within a recorded scene. This capability is critical for high-traffic environments where unattended bags, suspicious objects, or unauthorized vehicles can cause costly disruptions.


Booth #4301


As a cloud-based system, OCTOPUS offers a low cost of ownership, removing the need for expensive servers, IT infrastructure, and IT personnel. OCTOPUS functions on a strong mobile security platform, streamlining all activities with the mobile application and allowing automatic task allocation and response to all security, safety, and logistical operation personnel.


Booth #4208

Optera with SureVision 2.0

The Optera Panoramic IP Camera offers a seamless 180-degree view and intuitive immersive views. Featuring SureVision 2.0 technology, Optera adapts to challenging and changing lighting conditions, such as WDR and low light, to deliver its panoramic image.?*?QUANTUM TECHNOLOGy?�SCIENCES

Booth #4147

Quantum QA-100 SADAR

No other perimeter security product commercially available offers the scope of target detection at the distances provided by QA-100 with SADAR, both covertly and in real time. The system classifies and tracks movement of key targets of interest to critical infrastructure, including drones, vehicle traffic pedestrians, and tunneling.


Booth #2655

pcProx Nano

This product is a 125 kHz mobile badge reader that incorporates the features of a desktop reader into an ultracompact USB format. With plug-and-play functionality and backwards compatibility, it can integrate into existing 125 kHz solutions.


Booth #4255


This product can deliver a gigabit throughput solution in all types of weather. It ensures the operation of bandwidth-intensive applications to transmit video feeds to command and control facilities. Leveraging the license-free millimeter wave spectrum, the 60GHz backhaul radio provides powerful, reliable, and future-proof connectivity. Submillisecond delays enable the daisy-chaining of a vast number of cameras.?*?SPOTTERRF, LLC

Booth #1773

CK2 Spotter Radar

The CK2 Spotter Radar is the most reliable perimeter security sensor.� The CK2's 100m range and 20 degree FOV works when thermal cameras do not, such as during the heat, fog, rain, or snow. Small as a paperback book, the CK2 is the simplest way to protect a fence.?*?SRI INTERNATIONAL

Booth #757

Iris Biometrics-Embedded Enterprise Operational Terminal

This product provides a platform for businesses to create and implement custom applications that leverage the accuracy of biometric authentication to improve security, performance, and service while reducing risk and fraud. It unleashes new levels of personalization, enabling greater awareness as an access control terminal interacts with other enterprise systems to deliver real-time insight into operations.?*??STABILITAS

Booth #387


This product helps employees working abroad remain proactively safer, and get help faster in a crisis. Mobile employees can see teammates and nearby security risks, and take precautions. Security managers can view contextual changes and employee locations and easily coordinate support. Stabilitas was inspired by its founders' military and risk management careers.


Booth #681


GRAVITY tethers cards and keys by using an electronic signal that works as a five- to seven-step mobile barrier around the worker. If this radius is breached, GRAVITY's alarm, vibration, and strobe light are triggered.


Booth #3901


The ZeroWire Smart Home Security Hub offers an affordable, simple, speedy, and enriched app-based user experience to homeowners. It arms professional security dealers with the right system to lead the smart home.


Booth #1301

Situational Awareness and Intelligence System

This system is an open, unified software platform that enhances workflows to improve emergency response and optimize operations. It unifies a range of sensors and systems into a centralized, intuitive platform, that handles vast amounts of information to gain actionable intelligence.


Booth #4055

WCCTV VZW-Approved 4G Mini Dome

This flexible 4G Mini Dome system can be provided with either IP or analog cameras. The use of IP camera technology, combined with the power of 4G networks, allows the users to receive images of up to 1080p on a live connection. The dome's second output channel allows the system to be used with a range of fixed cameras or audio devices.


Booth #2815

Yale Accentra Multi-Family�Lock Management System

This software system offers flexible management of access rights and data security, as well as the elimination of onsite services. The system is cloud-based and can be accessed via PC, tablet, or smartphone. Accentra requires no training and is user-friendly and intuitive.

�Yale nexTouch Cylindrical Lock

This product allows facilities to introduce access control using PIN code access and then expand to credentials (cards or phones) using existing security systems. The lock uses ASSA ABLOY Seos technology which provides a multiplatform ecosystem for issuing, delivering, and revoking digital keys and other identity data across a range of smart devices.?