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Book Review: The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation for Investigators; Online program; 3 hours; $90

The Reid Technique is a well-known method for interviewing and interrogating subjects. John E. Reid and Associates began developing the technique in 1947, and the company claims that its process is the most widely used approach to questioning subjects in the world. The Reid Technique is most often taught via multiday, in-person classes; now the company is offering a condensed online training program that provides a detailed overview of the Reid Technique and covers many aspects of interviews and interrogations. 

Early on, it explains the difference between an interview and an interrogation and discusses when to use which type of questioning. Students learn the types of questions that should be asked in the early stages of an interview and lines of questioning that can be used to extract the information needed from the person being interviewed. It details how those aspects are different for an interrogation, including asking leading questions, direct questions, and more. Details are included for room setup, including where to place the interviewer, interviewee, and any witnesses.

Staged interviews and interrogations, using actors as interviewees and investigators, illustrate the messages of the presentation. They follow the process of what would take place during a real interview or interrogation.  

Adding to the learning experience are handouts for each part of the instruction. The handouts contain some good initial information pertaining to the individual sections. As the program progresses, students will be able to fill in the blanks to complete each handout.  

The seven parts of the program include an overview, behavior symptom analysis, nonverbal behavior, verbal behavior, investigative interviewing, interrogation, and a summary. This training program is a valuable tool for those new to the investigative process and others at the intermediate level.  


Reviewer: James “Rick” Youngblood, CPP, CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), has more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement, security, and loss prevention. He has conducted countless interviews and interrogations in many settings. Youngblood has authored numerous articles and worked as a professor teaching security management for more than 10 years, including online courses.  He is vice chair of the ASIS Crime Prevention and Loss Prevention Council and a member of the Investigations Council. He is the author of the new book A Comprehensive Look at Fraud Identification and Prevention.