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Book Review: Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication

​​Public relations expert James Lukaszewski brings a new and positive spin to crisis communication in this book. He dismisses some older beliefs and teachings and replaces them with newer concepts, guidance, tools, and solutions developed over his decades of experience in the field of crisis communication. The book takes into consideration the rapid changes we are living with today and advises readers on how to cope with them. It urges readers to prepare CEOs for unexpected events long before they might happen, and arms readers with insight on how to speak to executives—including keywords that will get their attention.

The book provides the framework for building an effective crisis management program, beginning with identification of existing vulnerabilities and potential risks. A good crisis communication program will have crucial messages prepared ahead of time, and executives and spokespersons will have practiced the plan in advance.

Victim recognition and handling are crucial to a successful crisis response, and the book outlines strat­egies for doing so. These strategies can reduce litigation and save money in the long run. The author also offers detailed advice on important topics such as dealing with the news media, press conferences, and social media. Case studies throughout the book illustrate these concepts.

The book is written in clear and plain language, very direct and therefore easy to understand. The book is a must-read for those involved in crisis management, in addition to every serious security practitioner and human resources professional.

Reviewer: Werner Preining, CPP, works for Interpool Security Ltd. in Vienna, Austria. He serves on the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity Council, the Critical Infrastructure Working Group, and the Information Technology Security Council. He is also the chair of the ASIS Austria Chapter.