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Governance of Security Systems: A Handbook for Designing and Implementing a Security Program That Will Protect Your Business

Collaborative Publications;; 73 pages; $27.27.

This compact book is a primer on security management and explains how to develop a risk-based security program that encompasses training, intelligence, investigations, auditing, and more to protect infrastructure, personnel, and information.

Author William MacCullum, a leading security practitioner in Australia, provides broad-based information while introducing the reader to the structure of security systems and the creation of a supporting security manifesto. The key issues are methodically explained so that even a layperson can gather a structural view of the control and management of a security system. The author clearly delineates what is meant by terms such as “system,” “system security,” and “security system.” Readers who are not well-versed in security principles and practices should find it easily understandable.

The 16 chapters of the book cover a wide spectrum of topics, commencing with the broad security management structure, policies, and standards, then moving on to the implementation of policy and standards in an operational environment. Detailed treatment is meted out to security architecture and its implementation, the importance of security reviews and audits, and investigations. A chapter on forensics highlights the need for specific forensic security procedures that apply to crimes dealing with arson, drugs, and firearms, as well as investigative techniques. Another chapter is devoted to security education and training and includes a discussion of outsourcing.

A glossary, a bibliography, and a list of professional organizations offer further information to the reader. Security professionals at the middle and top levels of management will benefit from reading this book.

Reviewer: The late Colonel Kuljeet Singh, CPP, was director of business development and planning for Command International Security Services, Inc., and a member of ASIS International.