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ASIS News: Wharton Course Begins and ASIS Launches Mentoring Program

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and ASIS International have announced changes to the highly respected Wharton/ASIS Program in Security Executive Leadership. Starting in November 2014, the program will be conducted in one intense week at the Wharton School in Philadelphia. This compression in course length from nine days to six, along with a reduction in tuition, is aimed at making it easier for prospective students to attend while retaining the program’s quality and the value of the Wharton/ASIS Certificate.

Since 2004, ASIS has offered the program to its members and other security professionals who are ready to advance to a higher level of management educa­tion and effectiveness. In the decade since, 241 have attended from every industry sector and many government agencies, coming from 19 countries on five continents. The purpose of the program is to take these executives beyond professional education in security, exposing them to the world of management concerns and decision-making at the highest levels. Attendees gain insights into how they themselves may influence those decisions.

The program has historically been presented in two sessions—the first during one week in November, followed by another week in February. Now it will be consolidated into a single November session. To do this without sacrificing quality, significant steps have been taken which will make the program more focused and intense:

  • Several courses deemed helpful but not essential will be eliminated as separate entities, their key content worked into other blocks of instruction. 
  • The program will take more advantage of the “case study” method to spur discussion and focus learning on key objectives. In developing brief case studies, particular attention will be paid to situations faced by senior security executives. The cases will be developed with input from senior security executives, especially alumni of the program. 
  • More evening and weekend work will be required, and students will be housed at the Wharton School’s Steinberg Conference Center to more fully immerse them in the program and spur relationships with classmates.

Students will benefit from the revised program in several ways. They will com­mit one week of their time instead of two, and the tuition will be greatly reduced.

While numerous chief security officers and their deputies have attended the program in the past, it is not limited to executives of any particular level. In fact, several corporations have made participation in the program a part of their suggested career track for security managers.

More information about the Wharton/ASIS Program in Security Executive Leadership will be available later this summer. The first iteration of the new program will take place November 16 to 21.

ASIS Mentoring Program Unveiled

ASIS International has announced its Mentoring Security Leaders program. This new program, developed by the ASIS Leadership Management Practices Council (LMPC) as a resource for ASIS chapters and members, is designed to promote long-term leadership and career development through a one-on-one mentor-protégé relationship. It was developed and has been successfully piloted by six ASIS chapters during the last two years.

The Mentoring Security Leaders program employs a career development methodology whereby ASIS members (protégés) are matched with experienced ASIS colleagues (mentors) for guidance and professional advice. The mentors are asked to share their experiences and advice on career advancement, professional visibility, networking, and overcoming barriers to career success. The protégé will gain knowledge and experience in meeting immediate business-level requirements. This program is for members at all levels in their careers who may want specialized insights into a particular skill, competency, change in industry sector, or even a transition to a different role in the industry.

ASIS and the LMPC are excited to introduce this proven career development methodology and resource for our chapters. Special thanks go out to the Boston, Chicago, National Capital, Houston, Mex­ico City, Phoenix, and San Francisco chapters, as well as the Women in Security and Young Professionals groups, for piloting the program. Their insights and experiences served to validate and further enhance the value of the program.

Please visit and login to the ASIS Web site and click on the Membership tab. More information on the program is available by clicking on Member Center.