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Crime Lab Manual

Anderson Publishing;; 240 pages; $27.95

More students are interested in pursuing a criminal justice degree due in part to the curiosity inspired by television programs and movies. This phenomenon can fill classroom seats, but is not always sustainable unless a textbook captures the student’s attention. Author Elizabeth Erickson’s book,Criminalistics Laboratory Manual, fulfills that requirement.

This manual is a step-by-step guide on how to process the scene of an investigation and solve a crime. Illustrated by 17 well-written chapters, the book provides lifelike crime scenarios. As the reading progresses, several aspects of the crime scene are evaluated, analyzed, and documented. The addition of practical exercises challenges the reader with hands-on experiences. Photographs, sketches, and investigative tips assist the reader’s progress.

This detailed textbook is highly recommended for a criminal justice forensics course.

REVIEWER: Dr. Brian L. Royster is an assistant professor at Saint Peter's University and a retired New Jersey State Trooper. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and a member of ASIS International.