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Security and Loss Prevention: An Introduction, Sixth Edition

Butterworth-Heinemann. Available from ASIS, item #2068; 728 pages; $75 (ASIS member), $83 (nonmember). Also available as e-book.

The sixth edition of this comprehensive resource for the security professional has been updated to be even more relevant. In addition to its foundation of wide-ranging loss prevention subjects, it now includes more topics related to the quickly moving field of information technology. It addresses social media challenges and solutions, enterprise risk management, changes in the law, and more.

Each chapter clearly outlines learning objectives and key terms, moving on to case studies, scenarios, and copious references. Written in plain language, it explains the history of security, threat types, and risk analyses. It provides a comprehensive overview of the security industry, its challenges, and useful solutions. There are also explanations of general business practices including pro­cess analysis, management systems, program development, and relationship building.

The amount and depth of information provided makes it excellent study material for certification programs such as the Certified Protection Professional®. While some of the illustrations and photographs are somewhat dated or could be enhanced, many modern examples and scenarios are cited.

There is some subject repetition but also a sincere attempt to explain the nuances of specific security challenges throughout various industries such as retail, education, and healthcare. This is a challenge when entire books are written on subject matter within a single chapter. The sheer volume of information covered requires some condensing and the text successfully examines and reviews the key points of many subjects. Security and Loss Prevention is a model over­view of the security industry and a solid and reliable reference.

Reviewer: Lex Holloway, CPP, is director of security for Caris Life Sciences based in Irving, TX. He is a member of ASIS International and serves on the ASIS Healthcare Security Council.