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Emergency Planning Guide for Utilities

CRC Press;; 2nd edition; 232 pages; $89.95; Also available as e-book.

A toolbox book, Emergency Planning Guide for Utilities is a practical, detailed, and sequential guide to building and testing emergency response plans. It is comprehensive, including procedures, advice, sample forms, discussion group questions, suggested messaging, after-action questions, and a project management model that guides the reader through the process from beginning to end.

Although the book is ideally organized to support a course in emergency management, it is equally accessible to emergency planning professionals looking for new tactics, techniques, and procedures. The great value of this book lies in the experience of the author, who provides tested techniques for everything from recovering equipment at the end of an emergency to the best way to enlist support for your project from others in your organization.

If there is a third edition, it should expand its coverage of mutual assistance. What information the second edition contains is very good, but it would be helpful if there were deeper exploration of this important subject. Integrating another company’s utility workers into an organization during the height of an emergency is an enormous challenge, and an author with the experience of Samuel Mullen would be able to do it justice.

Reviewer: Ross Johnson, CPP, is senior manager for security and contingency planning for Capital Power in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is the chair of the ASIS Petrochemical, Chemical, and Extractive Industries Security Council.