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Prepare for Liftoff

Chris Hadfield is one of the most successful astronauts in history. If you’ve never heard of him, it’s because he’s done his job right, steering clear of problems and achieving great things under the radar, so to speak. He has spent nearly 4,000 hours in space and more than 25 years learning how to survive there. In his new book, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, Hadfield imparts the lessons essential to surviving and conquering life in outer space. These same lessons, he asserts, apply to any exploration in life—from personal goals to successful business projects. His advice to “think like an astronaut” is certainly pertinent to security professionals, especially his plea to “prepare for the worst,” which the space program embraces through constant scenario training.

The issue of Security Management that you hold in your hands was created using another one of Hadfield’s principles: “Sweat the small stuff.” While embarking on our mission to completely revamp the print edition and launch a digital app, we reconsidered every detail, consulted experts, and combined traditional elements with the newest technology to create this exciting redesign.

All aspects of the new magazine were carefully planned with a focus on the reader. The bold design and color scheme reflect the dynamic nature of the security industry as well as the energy of its practitioners. The new nameplate mirrors the changing nature of the field as security professionals increasingly support senior management. Bright colors reflect a vibrant industry and also provide a color-coded reference to allow easy navigation through departments.

Similarly, the digital app, which will launch later this month, will further the new vision of the print magazine with the addition of a dynamic, interactive layout. Free to ASIS members and magazine subscribers, the app will contain all the elements of the print magazine while creating a new platform for videos and other digital content in the future.

Another of Hadfield’s recommendations for success drove the content of the new Security Management: Invest in other people’s success to further your own. The information contained in the magazine has been reimagined to better meet the reader’s needs. Among the many changes: The “Managing” department has been elevated to a regular feature to showcase the importance of the topic. “Technofile,” which was traditionally focused on technology and trends, has become “Cybersecurity” and will highlight the need to protect sensitive data and proprietary information. Case studies garner more prominence throughout the magazine, as requested by readers.

The countdown has passed and liftoff has begun. Join us as we put on our space suits and launch the new Security Management. We are confident that you’ll enjoy this new take on the magazine.