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A Last Look and a Leap Forward

When ballerina Marie Taglioni took the stage at the Paris Opera in 1827, no one knew what to expect. She had performed at small venues before, but this was the dancer’s first time on the world stage. As the daughter of two famous ballet dancers, Taglioni’s talents were assumed. Dance critics whispered that she must need little preparation, given her heritage, and they assumed that the performance would emulate the popular ballets of the day.

Under the spotlight, before the rapt audience, Taglioni’s performance was indeed effortless. But there was something more. She moved in ways that former ballerinas had not. She chose techniques that other dancers used sparingly, such as en pointe, and made them the centerpiece of her performance. Her short—and somewhat shocking—tutu baffled the audience until it became clear that the inspired wardrobe choice showcased her leaps across the stage.

As anyone who has prepared for a debut could guess, Taglioni did not stumble into a brilliant performance. She toiled six hours a day for months, perfecting her natural talents and developing the ones she lacked. Her groundbreaking movements and her costuming were created through this painstaking process. Taglioni’s efforts paid off. The innovations she made in that performance remain the standard for modern dancers and her method of visual storytelling changed ballet forever.

Security Management staff members can relate to Taglioni’s preparations. We have been putting in long hours for our own debut. Next month will mark the unveiling of the newly redesigned magazine as well as our digital app. The content of both the print magazine and the app will retain the excellence readers have come to expect while embracing our own new methods of storytelling.

As all eyes are on the magazine, our new Web site is waiting in the wings. Users of the current site may have already noticed an online survey asking questions about their experiences. The results of that survey, along with focus groups and individual interviews, will be used to build a new site that combines improved functionality with world-class content. When the site takes center stage later this year, users can expect more original stories along with additional content from the print magazine.

During my 20 years at Security Management, I have performed every editorial job available. That time feels like the best sort of rehearsal as I take on the position of editor-in-chief. I am confident that those experiences will guide me, and the editorial staff, as we move forward.

The spotlight is warming up and we are nearly ready to open the curtain to show the world the performance we’ve been preparing. We hope that you’ll enjoy this last issue of the current magazine and look forward to exploring with us as we take our next leap forward.