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New Players, New Uniforms, Same Success

Having won three Super Bowls, five Conference Championships, and 10 Division Titles in the last dozen years, the New England Patriots are the closest thing to a dynasty in today’s NFL. Yet the team looks dramatically different from year to year, adding and subtracting personnel and adjusting the playbook to address changing needs. That lesson also transfers to the business world: The most successful companies don’t wait for crises to occur before they make strategic moves—they operate from a position of strength, even making major changes after spectacular successes.

And so it goes with Security Management. Although readership is strong and feedback is overwhelmingly positive, we have just conducted an extensive self-analysis, and it is time for some changes. Through online surveys, focus groups, and face-to-face comments, you’ve told us what you want more of, what you’d like to disappear, and how we can better deliver value to you.

Beginning in March, Security Management will feature an exciting new look and a fresh approach to its subject matter while delivering the same superior quality. Long-time Senior Editor Teresa Anderson will step up to quarterback a talented team. As the new editor-in-chief, Teresa will introduce a new style and inject new energy in the publication. At the same time, we are saddened to say farewell to Sherry Harowitz, who has helmed the magazine with distinction and rigor for the past 21 years. Sherry will be moving on to other endeavors, but she leaves the magazine with a stellar reputation for excellence, embodied in innumerable editorial awards and enthusiastic reader comments.

Shortly after the print redesign is unveiled, SM Digital will be rebooted for optimal use on a tablet. SM Digital will appear every month as a companion to the print version, but with interactive content, such as slide shows and video, when these features add value. Print and digital will be graphically consistent, as will the forthcoming new iterations of SM Online, the Security Management Buyers Guide, SM Daily and Weekly, and other products.

If Security Management were a football team, fans could look forward to a season with a talented quarterback in her prime with a supporting cast of both innovative, energetic young players and savvy veterans, along with a new coach with a track record of success. And wait until you see our new uniforms. Meantime, the “ownership”—ASIS International—remains committed to putting the best possible product on the field.

Michael Gips
Vice President, Publishing