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Introduction to Transportation Security

Introduction to Transportation Security, by Frances L. Edwards and Daniel C. Goodrich. CRC Press;; 388 pages; $69.95; also available as e-book.

A good resource for students of security or supply chain management, this book provides a thorough overview of different modes of transportation, their vulnerabilities, and security strategies to deter, detect, and prevent attacks against the transportation industry. It also delves into the important topic of emergency management.

The book is organized for easy read­ing. The first section focuses on general security theory and practices, including risk assessment, emergency plans, layered security, and federal resources for the transportation security professional.

Subsequent chapters address particular types of transportation, including highway, rail, maritime, and air cargo. Each begins with an overall learning objective, which is followed by a detailed description of the topic. Statistics and illustrations help to emphasize the author’s main points. Throughout the book, practical examples and case studies clarify the material and provide fodder for classroom discussions.

The authors of this book—both with the Mineta Transportation Institute and San Jose State University—are clearly experts in the field of transportation security, and their well-organized work will help security professionals as well as students learn about the transportation industry, how it affects the overall economy, and how to protect it.

Reviewer: Pete Lininger has worked in private security since 1984. He has been a member of ASIS since 1992 and has served on the ASIS Petrochemical, Chemical, and Extractive Industries Security Council since 2010.