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Amtel Mobile Device Management

It’s a given that Bring Your Own Device policies have become a security challenge that enterprises must grapple with. Companies are turning to mobile device management (MDM) solutions to control the wealth of gadgets living on their networks. MDM solutions allow an organization to place all of its mobile devices—whether company or personally-owned—onto one platform, giving them the ability to manage the configuration and security on the devices from the beginning to the end of their life cycles. An MDM solution also reduces the workload on the IT staff because it allows IT to push software updates and applications to the devices en masse and control administration rights, based on the specific user profile of each device.

Amtel offers an MDM solution as well as an expense management solution that allows businesses to manage the costs and the plans on the devices.

Amtel CEO PJ Gupta emphasizes that its customizable security options are one of the Amtel product’s biggest selling points. For example, in a case where one of a company’s employees downloads an infected app to his Android device, and that device becomes compromised, it could infect the company network. Gupta says that the MDM can be set up to detect infections and to activate a rule that cuts that device off from the company e-mail. “But we can go even further and …wipe [corporate e-mail off] this device if it gets compromised because I don’t want my data to get leaked.” Companies can even have that process automated if a SIM card is removed. Typically, when a thief steals a smartphone, Gupta explains, he removes the SIM card. “I can put a policy in that if the SIM card is changed on the device, it should wipe all the corporate information,” he says.