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Swiss Warning Intelligence Partners About Massive Data Breach

12/06/2012 -It's a real life version ofOffice Space except with national security implications.

Swiss intelligence is warning the U.S. and Britain that counterterrorism information may have been leaked after a disgruntled employee stole a large amount of sensitive data,Reuters reported Tuesday.

Last summer, Swiss authorities arrested a senior IT technician at NDB, Switzerland's intelligence service, who is suspected of stealing the information.

The employee was so unhappy with his job in the agency’s IT department that he stopped showing up regularly for work. Sometime around then he stole terabytes of classified material to sell on the black market, authorities say.

They haven’t released the man’s name.

The eight-year NDB veteran had unrestricted access to all of the agencies networks and “investigators now believe that in the months before his arrest, the data theft suspectdisplayed warning signs that should have been spotted by his bosses or by security officials,” Reuters reported.

The man was caught after a Swiss bank contacted authorities about a suspicious attempt to open a bank account that was traced back to the tech. After his arrest, authorities found several portable storage devices containing the classified data.

“Swiss investigators could not be positive the suspect did not sell or pass on any of the information before his arrest, which is why Swiss authorities felt obliged to notify foreign intelligence partners their information may have been compromised,” Reuters reported.