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Navy Bases to Scan '100 Percent' of IDs at the Gate

10/09/2012 -

Visual ID inspections at military bases may become a thing of the past as installations move toward digital scanning to verify access.

Apilot program has only been going on since the end of September at Naval Station Norfolk to assess situations, like traffic delays, that will come up as a result of scanning every ID that comes through the gate, but Navy officials are already planning for100 percent scanning at all installations by 2014.

One system the DoD uses to check IDs is Intellicheck Mobilisa’s (IC Mobil) Defense ID handheld scanner. The scannercheck IDs against information from more than 100 databases including watch lists, warrants, state-issued credentials, and people barred from accessing an area. Scanning an ID returns results immediately, letting a screener know if an ID is fake, has been reported stolen, or if the person is on a designated list. However, IC Mobil says it isn’t their system being used for the new program.

During the pilot program, which runs through the end of October, all IDs will be scanned but the results of the scan will not be used to determine if someone is eligible to access the base. Instead, security will notify the cardholder of why the scan resulted in a denial so the problem can be fixed before the program is officially implemented.

The next step of the program, also scheduled for 2014, is to reduce manpower needed at the gates. Officials want to installautomated vehicles gates that would open after a person scans their ID, reports The Navy Times.

Naval Station Norfolk was not immediately able to provide information on more specific goals of the pilot.

Here’s an example of anaccess control policy from Ft. Drum explaining how gate guards should verify ID.

photo:U.S. Navy