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Report: Sex Offenders Hide Identities to Circumvent Parole Rules

07/27/2012 -About 16 percent of sex offenders attempt to hide or change their identities in an effort to circumvent parole rules aimed at preventing them from striking again, according to a recent study.

The study, from Utica College'sCenter for Identity Management and Information Protection (CIMIP), found that about 92,000 of 569,325 registered sex offenders are "digital absconders," according toMyFoxDC.

Some of the tactics include changing names, birthdays and Social Security numbers. The identity changes would allow the offenders to avoid prohibitions on living in certain proximity to a school or daycare center, for example. In Louisiana, Washington, D.C., Nevada, and Tennesse, the digital absconder rate was more than 25 percent.

According toExaminer:

In one of the most alarming cases cited by the research, 29-year-old convicted sex offender Neil Rodreick enrolled in charter schools in Arizona posing as a 12-year-old boy in 2007. Rodreick worked with three other men who played the parts of family members and was admitted to at least four schools under the name of Casey Price. To carry off the their plan, Price shaved off all of his body hair, wore makeup and a baseball cap and rode a skateboard. He was able to keep up the ruse for four months in the one town.

The article states that one of the reasons that people get away with the registration avoidance is that the registration rules vary from state to state.

“The management and control of known sex offenders has become a national, state and local priority,” said Donald Rebovich, executive director of CIMIP. “This study will undoubtedly be beneficial when it comes to identifying and monitoring sex offenders identity manipulation, tracking address history and locating sex offenders who have absconded.”