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Criminal Interrogation and Confessions

Criminal Interrogation and Confessions (Fifth Edition). By Fred Inbau, John Reid, Joseph Buckley, and Brian Jayne. Jones & Bartlett Learning, 472 pages; $125.95.

Most in the security and law enforcement fields would agree that publications by Fred Inbau and John Reid are typically recognized as being authoritative. The latest publication, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, Fifth Edition by Inbau and Reid as well as Joseph Buckley and Brian Jayne is no exception.

As with the authors’ previous publications, this valuable resource is a “must have” for those who engage in investigative interviews and interrogations. While it contains advanced material for the experienced investigator, it is also a valuable and ready resource for the beginner in the profession. Well organized and well indexed, the publication walks the reader through the verbal, nonverbal, and behavioral aspects of investigative interviews and interrogations.

The authors devote significant time in covering the interrogation encounter in terms of physical location, the lead up to that event, and all the verbal and nonverbal cues during that important encounter. Photographs illustrate the key points the authors are making. 

One chapter (chapter nine) is devoted to behavioral-symptoms analysis. The book also includes a number of case studies that enable the reader to more clearly understand how the principles and applications come together in actual situations. 

Inbau has always been well known for his detailed exploration of the legal implications in interrogations and confessions. His signature is obvious in Chapter 17 where the legal implications are carefully explored, including supporting case notes to refer the reader to further resources.

This publication should be on the desk or nearby shelf for every security or law enforcement professional engaged in investigations.

Reviewer: Kevin D. Eack is a former FBI Special Agent, former Illinois state prosecutor, and former member of the Illinois State Police. With a total of 28 years in law enforcement, and a significant level of experience as an investigative senior executive, Kevin is presently the chair of ASIS International’s Council on Global Terrorism, Political Instability and International Crime.