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High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety, Third Edition

***** High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety, Third Edition. By Geoff Craighead; published by Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann; available from ASIS, item #1852, 703/519-6200 (phone), (Web); 696 pages; $125 (ASIS members), $137 (nonmembers).

In the first two editions of High Rise Security and Fire Life Safety, Geoff Craighead bridged the gap between government authorities and building owner-operators. In this new edition, he takes the topic to a new level, incorporating updated standards and guidelines while examining issues specific to high-rise buildings, hotels, and residential and multi-use buildings. Craighead also addresses topics such as bomb threats, chemical and biological weapons, kidnappings, hostage situations, labor disputes, natural disasters, workplace violence, CCTV, and access control.

Craighead explains high-rise buildings’ unique traits, along with the working components of fire/life safety systems in a clear, concise manner. He also provides prudent guidelines for managing security and life-safety functions internationally. In Chapter 6, for example, he discusses the municipal fire alarm box problems that arise in many countries when dealing with public telephone networks.

In Chapter 14 on the critical topic of “Laws, Codes, Standards, and Guidelines,” Craighead keeps it simple and understandable, avoiding legalese. Municipalities are constantly revamping fire safety practices to ensure that tenants are safe within their buildings. He explains how building operators are adapting to the various changes. The text also provides valuable information on how to conduct risk assessments, and Craighead is again comprehensive in explaining the topic without being too technical.

This new edition also comes with a CD-ROM that provides sample fire safety and security surveys, as well as a sample of a building emergency management plan and information pertaining to additional security and life-safety resources.

Practitioners responsible for issues related to fire, life-safety, and security, as well as building managers, will find this third edition highly useful. It is a reliable textbook for anyone who requires a thorough, solid reference.

Reviewer: Kevin A. Cassidy is vice president, global security for Thomson Reuters. He is an adjunct at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is a member of ASIS International.