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​Photo bycodenamecueball/Flickr

YouTube Account Holders Target of Phishing Scam

Cybercriminals may be targeting YouTube account holders through spoofed e-mails aimed at tricking them to respond with their personal information, according to a postcarried by The Washington Post.

While the first e-mail was quite amateuristic of nature and came filled with stuff that should raise quite some warning flags (typos, clumsy phrasing, Youtube instead of YouTube, etc.), the second appeared more genuine and had a body text edited rather professionally ....

In both cases, the YouTube partner was told that there was some kind of problem with his or her account, either with videos that purportedly contained copyrighted material, hate speech/bullying, or other issues that violate the service's ToS (Terms of Service). The first e-mail urged partners to respond with their username, password, e-mail address and D.O.B, while the second asked only for the password. says it's unclear whether the scam was targeted at their "tipster" or whether it's a more widespread problem. Nevertheless, the site is trying to spread the word about the scam.

You can view a screenshot of the spoofed e-mail at,here.