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Canadian Counterterrorism Building Plans Found in Garbage

03/20/2008 -Building plans for Canada's new counterterrorism building turned up in an unlikely place last week: the trash.

Canada's National Post explains:

The trashed blueprints, stamped with Department of National Defence markings, show everything from the location of the security fence to the floor plan of the new home of the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit at CFB Trenton.

The plans were found March 13 by the spouse of Anthony Salloum, an analyst with the Rideau Institute, a left-leaning Ottawa think-tank. As the couple was on it way to dinner, Mr. Salloum's spouse noticed a large pile of garbage bags on the sidewalk, on top of which sat seven large rolled tubes of paper stamped with Defence Department markings.

The rolls were still there when the couple passed by again about an hour later and Mr. Salloum picked one up and left the rest behind. He doesn't know what happened to the other rolls.

No one knows what happened to the other six rolls of Defense Department documents, but the Post assumes they found their way into one of the city's dumps.

The government has launched an invesigation into the mishandled plans and is attempting to recover what remains missing. Asked whether the government would have to revise the counterterrorism center's plans, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said it "was a very hypothetical question."