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Illegal Worker Discovered in Parliament

02/11/2008 -The British government has once again found an illegal immigrant working at a sensitive location within the government,reportsThe Press Association.

Elaine Chaves Aparecida, an illegal Brazilian immigrant, was caught last week using someone else's security pass to enter Parliament where she worked as a cleaner.

The latest highly-embarrassing lapse to hit the Government is revealed in a confidential memo to Home Office minister Liam Byrne that was leaked to the Sunday Telegraph. And the document advises ministers to keep quiet about the incident unless asked by the media "given recent coverage of security guards employed illegally at Government offices" .... It said post-arrest checks found that Ms Aparecida was known to the authorities, having fled officials at Heathrow airport in December 2004 before they could bar her entry to the UK. Despite that, she had "started work at the Houses of Parliament on 3 December 2007 as an employee of Emprise Services", it said.

This new security blunder comes after Home Secretary Jacqui Smithadmitted this December that more than 11,000 illegals were cleared to work as security guards by the Security Industry Authority.