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RFID: A Primer

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies are evolving to meet a growing list of applications that range from tagging livestock to tracking pharmaceuticals to securing shipping containers.

To understand the many aspects of RFID technologies, security professionals can turn to Radio Frequency Identification Technologies: A Workshop Summary.

This 39-page document, from The National Academies Press, provides an overview of RFID technologies and applications, and it outlines common objections, such as privacy concerns, and responses--including strikes, boycotts, and protests against businesses such as Benetton that have decided to implement RFID.

The book was written after a workshop held by the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Research Council, which brought together industry, academic, government, and other organizations to explore RFID and the technological, social, and policy issues surrounding it. @Read the bookonline or purchase PDF copies of it via SM Online.