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Advanced Surveillance

Advanced Surveillance: The Complete Manual of Surveillance Training. By Peter Jenkins; published by Intel Publications; available (Web); 400 pages; $31.52.

This title, Advanced Surveillance, is for private investigators and others whose primary focus is conducting surveillance. Author Peter Jenkins clearly knows his subject well and offers a broad range of information about the topic. While word usage and spelling are obviously British, the issues Jenkins raises, including the difficulties and frustrations of surveillance, are universal.

The 13 chapters cover a good variety of material. Topics include surveillance on foot, countersurveillance, specialty equipment, and photography.

That said, the book is basic. It certainly has a place in the security industry, but it's more geared toward being a primer or a textbook than toward being a business reference. In fact, the first several pages of the book show a two-day course outline for teaching a class on surveillance. As a course outline, the book has only one major blemish: Its last several pages feature advertisements, which have no place in a professional publication.

Reviewer: Pat Klootwyk, CPP, is corporate director of asset protection for GPI/Carquest, Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a member of ASIS International.